RS232 Physical Properties

USB DriverYou can find the RS232 pinout on this website as well. These are the other characteristics of the RS232 interface which you might also find of interest. Below we will explain the communication methods capable of communicating in different environments. Note that voltage and distance is important with the RS232 standard. Also note the baud rates with distance as well as other specifications so look at the FT232R driver also on this website.

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RS232 Cable Pinout

USB DriverIf you have been in computers for a while then you will know that selecting the right RS232 serial cable can be a problem. Below you will find some information on the most common serial RS232 cables in normal computer use. You can find the pinouts for the RS232 cable listed below as well as other information on the RS232 driver. Some would like to use a USB cable on it. Search this website for more information.

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