RS232 – RS422 Converter

USB DriverIf you are trying to convert the RS232 signal to another signal such as the RS422 then your will need a RS232 – RS422 converter to achieve this. The XS202 from US Converters LLC is a bi-directional RS232 to RS422 converter which is port powered how you can add additional power if needed such as an external 5VDC power source which needs a 6 pin DB9 Terminal Block Header.

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PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver

USB DriverPL2305 USB to Printer Bridge Controller driver or PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer driver has been added below which will take you to the download page as this chipset is from Prolific. This chipset you will find in the USB-C to Parallel Printer Cable adapters. This cable is a bi-directional bridge between the Universal Serial Bus (USB) system and IEEE-1284 parallel port printers.

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Common UART problems

USB DriverThese are the common UART problems you might find. If you are having UART problems with the Cypress ZedBoard then you can try the UART workarounds which are listed here. If those don’t work then the following might solve the installation problem for you. Note that the other page has a number of similar install options. This is the cypress usb serial driver installation.

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