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D-Link DU-CP LUCENT This is the Lucent version of the D-Link DU-CP card. Much like the  D-Link DU-CS Driver this was designed for the Lucent brand. It comes under the generic name also of “DU-CP Parallel Interface Controller”. This driver is for a Windows XP operating system.

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D-Link DU-CS Driver

D-Link DU-CS DriverThe D-Link DU-CS Driver comes with the description of being a “D-Link DU-CS Serial On USB Port”. The chipset has been used elsewhere by two other companies and these have been listed on their brands being “USB to Serial Converter Driver (Philips)” and also “USB Serenum Filter Driver”.

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D-Link DU 128TA

D-Link DU 128TAThis is a D-Link DU-128TA driver and it comes in Windows 2000/XP.  Note that this driver was the last driver released for this adapter. The adapter comes under many names being “D-Link ISDN V.23” also the “D-Link ISDN V.120”. Scan all files after you download them to ensure there is no virus in them.

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