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Memorex CD-RW 4206 driver

Memorex CD-RW 4206 driver This is the driver for the Memorex CD-RW 4206. Much like the Memorex CD-RW 2224 the driver may or may not work on the new operating systems as it was designed for much older systems like Windows 2000. If you are still running Windows XP or 2000 then this would more likely than not work on your computer.

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Memorex CD-RW 2224 driver

Memorex CD-RW 2224 driverThe bases of Memorex CD Writer is that of the Freecom system. Hence the hardware will read as a “Freecom Parallel PnP Drive”. This USB drive is a bit dated and still runs on windows 2000 and XP. The driver for the writer has been listed below. Like everything this old there is no guarantee that the driver will work on the latest operating systems.

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