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I develop websites and content for websites related to high tech from around the world. See more pages and content about technology such as USB and other IT developments around the world. You can follow the other websites as well and search this website for more information on mobile phones and other USB components.

CP2102 driver

If you are looking at using the CP2102 driver which is for the UART driver then you can find more of that here. This is how to install the CP2102 driver in a Linux system as well as on a Windows system. The driver on listed in the link page and you can download the files there in both the Windows as well as the Linux format.

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CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Driver

The CP2102 USB to UART Bridge driver you can download below. Silicon Labs who manufactures the CP2102 chipset has stated that this chip should not be used in new designs and to look at other options. The CP2102N is now the recommended chipset instead of the CP2102 which they also make. The drivers for the CP2102 USD to UART bridge are royalty free and it is plug and play compliant.

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CSR Bluetooth Driver

USB DriverThese are the CSR Bluetooth driver which you will find here. There is a limited amount of use as these are mainly for older products. You will note that there are a number of options from 32bit as well as the 64bit of the range of drivers. You will also note that the CSR Bluetooth drivers listed below is for a remote control device, CSR hands free audio driver, CSR Bluetooth filter driver. These are mainly the CSR drivers which you will find.

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TL-WN722N Troubleshooting

USB DriverThe TL-WN722N troubleshooting guide as well as the TL-WN722N driver has also been added below. You will find the most common problems with the TL-WN722N which is a wireless adapter from TP Link. See which could be your problem if you are not connecting to the internet or to a device within your range. the indoor range with the TL-WN722N  is not that far and you may need a repeater to extend the range when indoors in a large house.

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RS232 to USB driver

USB DriverIf you wish to switch from the RS232 to USB then it will require a number of changes. There are a number of RS232 to USB adapters on the market. You can see below the different drivers for the different hardware that is available on the market. There are only three major hardware suppliers for the RS232 adpater. You can see these listed below. These are the USB driver.

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RS232 to RS485 Port Troubleshooting

USB DriverIf you want to test the RS232 port then you will need to follow the steps as detailed below. This is an easy way to test the RS232 to an RS485 port. These ports are the additional ports that you will find when you connect your RS232 port to your USB port. See the troubleshooting test below as well as the RS232 troubleshooting guide on this website as well. The test is similar when checking the drivers.

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Serial Port Cards

USB DriverThese are the serial ports from different manufactures. Some prefer to have a PCI card rather than an adapter. These serial port cards will allow you to have more COM ports on your computer than what you would normally have available on todays computers. You can see a list of USB to serial adapters on this website as well as the the list of USB to Serial also on here.

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USB to Serial Driver

USB DriverIf you are looking for a USB to Serial driver then you will first need to know what processor the convertor is using. You will also need to know which type of serial device you are trying convert to. This can be a USB to Serial RS232 which covers the processors from the MosChip, FTDI as well as Prolific. There is also the USB to Serial RS485 and RS422 which covers the same Prolific processor as well as FTDI and SilLabs.

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CP2104 USB to UART Driver

USB DriverThe CP2104 USB to UART Driver is added below and is widely used on a number of UART bridges. The adapter we are covering here is the module which is a USB adapter or programmer for the ESP01 which is based on ESP8266 WiFi micro-controller. This module uses the CP2104 USB serial port chip and will also add the ESP01 automatic download circuit. This WiFi module will automatically enter the download mode.

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UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter

USB DriverThe UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter is a well known low cost alternative to the popular FTDI USB to UART converter. It much like other works with both 3.3V as well as a 5V system. The UART driver has also been added below. The serial communication in particular the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter), is one of the most commonly used communication protocol for computers. There are certain versions of the Arduino main boards have USB to UART converter built-in.

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Cytron USB to UART Converter

USB DriverThis is the Cytron USB to UART Converter overview. You can see further down how this works as well as it driver. This is similar to the RS232 adapter as well as the FT232R USB UART driver which is also on this website. The Cytron USB to UART converter driver is also listed below for download. The serial communication way of communication is the most popular interface which is used between devices and this applies to the micro-controller as well as the computer. The UART port is one of those serial interfaces.

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