Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver

Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver The Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver or samsung usb driver for mobile phones has been added below for installation. This software contains all the files for installing the Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones. If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix problems, add new functions or expand functions. The program is language independent and can be used with any language system.

Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver

Below you will find and be able to download Samsung USB driver for your mobile phone. Since the last release we have also added some of the older drivers from before on the website. There is also the latest version of the Samsung USB drivers for Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating system on your computer. Note the dates listed on each driver.

Samsung Mobile Phone USB DriverUsing the USB cable to copy files and folders are still preferred by most as many people do not trust cloud storage. With the Samsung USB driver you can now very easily backup your content onto your computer.

With smart phone becoming common there is now more data than ever to store as well as your address book as well as your other files and photos. Making a sync of your mobile phone is now easier than ever with the correct Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver.


Connecting the Phone

You will still need the USB cable to connect to your phone. You can also establish an ADB connection with Samsung phones as we have explained elsewhere on this website. Simply charge your Samsung mobile phone and go ahead and download the Samsung USB driver from below.

There are tutorials for Samsung Galaxy devices on this website and this one covers most of the Samsung mobile phones on this website as the software is all the same. Note below for troubleshooting your USB driver when it comes to Odin as this does provide a problem at times for some people. Now first download the Samsung USB driver and install it on your computer.


Supported Devices

The latest Samsung USB driver boasts compatibility with an extensive range of Android-based Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets. Among these devices are the high-end models like Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, as well as the Galaxy S22 series, which includes S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. Moving on, the driver supports the Galaxy S21 line-up, featuring S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra, and the Galaxy S20 series, comprising S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and S20 FE.

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Additionally, the driver extends its compatibility to the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, as well as the innovative foldable models such as Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Fold. Furthermore, it caters to the flip designs like Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Z Flip4, and Galaxy Z Flip.

Moreover, the driver covers older models such as Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e, and S10 Lite, alongside the Note 10 series and Note 10 Lite. It also encompasses various tablets like Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+, and Tab S9 Ultra, as well as Tab S8, Tab S8+, and Tab S8 Ultra. Further, it accommodates Tab S7, Tab S7+, Tab S6, and Tab S6 Lite, along with Tab S5 and Tab S5e.

In addition to these, the driver ensures seamless connectivity with Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A50, A51, A70, A71, and A90, as well as the rugged Galaxy Xcover Pro and the previous flagship, Galaxy Note 9, and S9/S9+. With this comprehensive compatibility, Samsung users can easily connect their devices to computers for various purposes.


Why is the Samsung Driver needed?

Samsung USB Drivers serve a crucial purpose despite the advent of wireless and cloud-based file sharing methods. While wireless options exist, a physical USB connection remains the fastest and simplest way to transfer files between your device and computer. Moreover, USB connections are indispensable for several advanced tasks.

Firstly, they facilitate the process of flashing the stock firmware using tools like Odin, ensuring the proper functioning of your device. Additionally, USB drivers are essential for debugging software issues, aiding developers in creating and testing apps effectively. They also enable the use of ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands, allowing developers to control their Android devices over USB from a computer.

In scenarios where Windows fails to automatically detect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, manual installation of the required USB drivers becomes necessary. These drivers bridge the communication gap between your device and computer, ensuring a seamless connection. Thus, Samsung USB Drivers are fundamental tools for both basic file transfers and advanced technical operations, ensuring smooth interaction between your Galaxy device and your PC.


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Samsung Driver

driver download

Samsung USB Driver

(Version Released October 2021

Samsung USB Driver

(Version v1.7.56) Released: May 2022

Samsung USB Driver

(Version v1.7.59) Released: October 2022


Most will not need this driver as it should be in your Windows update and drivers files. If your computer cannot find it then download the Samsung USB driver above and install this driver and then connect your phone to the USB tether on your computer. Note that the Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver is the latest driver for the phone.

Older Drivers


Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones (May 2018)

Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones (Sept 2016)

The older drivers:

Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones (July 2014)

Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones (Dec 2013)

The generic drivers:

Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones

Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver



Install Samsung USB Driver 

  • Download the Samsung USB driver from above;
  • Once it has been downloaded, extract the file using an archive tool like WinZip or 7Zip;
  • Now open the extracted folder;
  • Look inside the folder and click on the executable file;
  • Click Next and the USB driver will start the installation process;
  • It will now ask you where to install the Samsung Mobile USB Driver;


Install Samsung USB Driver on Windows PC

  • Select the language of the software;
  • Click on next

Samsung USB Driver

  • Click finished and the Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver has now been installed in Windows.



Samsung Software

If you are looking for the Samsung PC Studio software you can download on our sister website. Note that there are 2 versions of this software. The latest and an older version which some still prefer to use on their mobile phones. This USB driver is used mainly for the Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S DUOS phone. You can also find more mobile phone information mobile phone specifications.

If you are still having problems with your Samsung Phone connection to USB and you are getting the following error after you have even install the software then you need to upgrade your Windows Media Player to Windows Media Player 11. This solves the other connection issue which appears to some on a Windows XP machine. Finally also see the Samsung USB Driver on here.


Lastly also see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 driver for Windows as well as the ASUS Android ADB Interface Driver.




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