RS232 (COM/Serial) Driver for Windows 10

USB DriverSee the issues with the RS232 (COM/Serial) Driver for Windows 10. 1. When I mention that “the virtual drivers that Windows has now do not work,” it means that when a device is connected to the Port, it doesn’t function properly. There might be errors, or the device may not be recognized at all.

RS232 (COM/Serial) Driver for Windows 10

Likewise I have checked Device Manager, but I couldn’t locate the COM Port drivers. So  make and model of the computer is [insert make and model here]. Likewise see also the FT231X Full Speed USB to Full UART as well as the USB to RS232 Driver.

To manually add the legacy hardware for COM port, follow these steps:

1. Press the Windows key + X and click on Device Manager.
2. Click on Action, select Add legacy hardware, and click on Next.
3. Choose “Install the hardware that I manually select” and click on Next.
4. Scroll down, select Ports (COM & LTP), and click on Next.
5. Choose the appropriate drivers and click on Next.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Let me know if you need further assistance! Lastly also see the Silicon Labs UART Drivers on here as well.

Micro USB cable for the serial port

I’m trying to connect my Jetson Nano to my laptop using a Micro USB cable for the serial port. But, I can’t find the Ports COM & LPT that I need. This happens when the driver isn’t installed, is installed in the wrong version, or isn’t compatible with Windows 11. To fix it, you’ll have to go to the manufacturer’s website and get the latest version of the driver, then install it yourself.

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Once you’ve got the latest driver:

1. Open the Device Manager.
2. Connect the USB Serial Port.
3. Look under Other Devices or Universal Serial Bus Controller to see if it’s recognized.
4. Right-click on the USB Serial Port or unknown device and select Update driver.
5. Choose “Browse my computer for drivers.”
6. Pick “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.”
7. Select “Multi-port serial ports” from the list and click next.
8. Click “Have disk…” at the bottom right.
9. Browse and select the driver you downloaded, then follow the instructions.

Lastly also see the USB Serial RS232 Troubleshooting on here as well. Likewise the article on USB to Serial Driver.