PL2303HXA Phased Out

USB DriverIf you did not know why the driver is not working. This is because the PL2303HXA phased out has occurred. Certain hardware is no longer supported in the newer software. The drivers have now excluded certain hardware that is old and not being serviced any longer. The chipset however iss till for sale online.

PL2303HXA Phased Out

The pl2303hxa has been phased out since 2012, starting from version Likewise also see the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet USB 3.0 Driver on here as well.  If you encounter the following error, it means there’s an issue with the driver. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

1. First, go to this link to download the driver.
2. Once the download is complete, unzip the file.
3. Press Windows + X and choose Device Manager.
4. Find the pl2303hxa device, right-click on it, and select Properties.
5. Go to the Driver tab > Update Driver > Search for Drivers on My Computer > Let Me Pick from a List of Available Drivers.
6. Click on “Have Disk…”
7. Locate the folder where you extracted the downloaded driver and choose the file named “ser2pl”.
8. Click OK and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

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Once the installation is done, check if the error persists. Likewise see also the post on the PL2303HXA Phased Out [Solved] as well. Lastly also see other common issues such as the Bluetooth not Working as well as the USB Front ports not working? as well.

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PL2303HXA Driver


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