WD SES Device USB Device Driver

USB DriverSee the WD SES Device USB Device Driver list below. If you have an external Western Digital SES drive then this is the USB driver for the device. Most operating systems will use a generic driver for the portable hard drive however this is the WD USB driver for the device. It is a very small file and installs like any other piece of software.

WD SES Device USB Device Driver

Note that this was the latest driver released from WD for the external drive. Download the ZIP file below and extract or open the file. Inside you will find the install file in an EXE format. Double click on the file and the program will install in less than a minute.  Below are both the 32bit and also the 64bit versions of the software. See also the WD SES Error Code 28.

Hardware ID

The hardware driver on here will fit the following hardware ID’s:

  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______1021
  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______4008
  • usbstor\diskwd______my_passport_26261028

Some of these you will note that it is the My Passport driver.

  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______1028
  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______1022
  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______1019

These hardware id’s you will se much the rest that this point to driver WD device usb device.

  • usbstor\diskwd______my_passport_08271012
  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______4004
  • usbstor\otherwd______ses_device______1007


driver download

The WD SES Device Errors

The Western Digital SES hard drive is still very popular and well used as they last so long. My SES has been working for many years without an issue. Now to access some of the optional features of  hard drive, you will be required to install the SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) driver. You will note that SES stands for SCSI enclosure services. Most times the WD SES will be detected by Windows but not always. This is mainly to having no driver or a corrupted driver. Uninstall the current driver that you have and then reboot without the SES drive connected. Install the  WD SES Device driver and then plug the device in and see if it shows in your device manager.
WD SES Device USB Device Driver
See also the WD SES USB driver errors which you may experience as well as the Error Code 31 which you may also get with the Western Digital SES drive.

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