Genius Eye 312 Driver

USB DriverThe Genius Eye 312 driver camera from Genius is a very popular camera and the driver has been added below for download. Note that this is a Windows driver and if you have Windows 10 or  another Windows OS that is not covered then you will have to install the driver in compatibility mode.

Genius Eye 312 Driver

The Genius Eye 312 was a very popular camera. You will note that below there are a number of drivers for this camera. The Genius Eye 312 DriverGenius Eye 312 driver Windows 7 is also below however that was the last driver released. The Genius Eye 312 driver development stopped after the released of Windows 7.

There have been many questions about having drivers Genius Eye 312 windows 10 64 bits for the camera however these do not exist. Some users have claimed that they managed to run the driver in compatibility mode. I am not sure if this will work, however you could try and use the Windows Vista 64bit driver and run in compatibility mode for Windows 10. It might work or it might not work. You can try it at your own risk.

Attempting to run the Genius Eye 312 in Windows 10

  • 1. Download the first file below – Windows 7/Vista
  • 2. Extract the zip file then click into the directory for Windows Vista
  • 3. What you will see is the following

Genius Eye 312 Driver Windows 10

  • 4. You should see these files
  • 5. Now right-click on the setup.exe file
  • 6. Once you right-click a new menu comes up. Right at the bottom is the properties optionwindows 10 driver
  • 7. Click on the properties option at the bottom of the menu and left click
  • 8. The file properties menu comes up as seen below. Click on the compatibility tabdriver webcam genius eye 312
  • 9. Now run the compatibility troubleshooter and Windows 10 will attempt to install the driver
  • 10.Now you will click on “Try recommended settings”

driver webcam genius eye 312

  • 11. The troubleshooter will now run and a new screen will open
  • 12. You can now test the program or driver ans see if it works.

genius eye 312 driver windows 7


This package below contains all the files for the driver and for installing the Genius Eye 312 Webcam Driver on your computer. Note that if it has been installed correctly it will also update (overwrite-installing) the current driver and may also fix any problems that you might have with a few added functions which are new and may even expand certain functions. The program is language independent and can be used with any language system.

The webcam asks for a password – Look at the back of the cover for the password

How do I adjust the light on the camera –  Install Amcap or Skype, under property page you turn off the Auto EV


driver download

Genius Eye 312 Webcam Driver 

  • Windows Vista,Windows XP x64,Win XP (2008)


Genius Eye 312 Webcam Driver

  • Win 7,Win Vista,Win XP (2009)


Genius Eye 312 Webcam Driver

  • Win2000,Win8SE,WinME,Vista,XP x64,XP (2008)


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