The FX506LH ASUS TUF WLAN driver below is a Windows 10 64bit driver for the ASUS FX506LH TUF gaming WLAN. You will note that this is the latest driver for the device and the driver version number is which was released at the end of December 2021. Check your hardware as there are similar hardware using the MediaTek chipset.


The FX506LH ASUS TUF WLAN d sound similar to other drivers on the website. Check your hardware and see if you are FX506LH ASUS TUF WLAN Driverusing this or another similar type WKAN from ASUS and MediaTek. There is the FX506LI  WLAN driver amongst others. They range from the FX706LH WLAN as well as the FX706LU driver from MediaTek. The FX706LI driver as well as the FX706LU driver and finally the FX506LU driver as we have it.

Download the file and then click on the file inside. This will do a silent install and you can sit and wait while it installs. If there is an error. Its best to uninstall the current driver and the reboot. Wait until Windows identifies the hardware and then install the driver again. This will work most times but you dont normally need to think to much about an error as it is very rare.

If you want to know what hardware you have. You need to right-click on the Windows button at the bottom left of your screen and then click on the device manager. Once in there you will see your hardware under Networking. See if your hardware is the same. You can also right-click on the device and then see what version software it is using. This is driver version number is You will see that there is also the FX516PM router as well as the FX506LHFX706LU and the FX506LH router.

Search this website for more drivers such as the ASUS FX506LH  from MediaTek. You can download the driver below. Again this is Windows 10 for a 64bit system only.

driver download



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