Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router

router username passwordThe username and password for the Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router is listed below in the box. There is also the user manual as well as the settings to change the WiFi password and SSID network name. If you cannot follow the instructions by reading then download the Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router manual and then use the username and password and log into the router for the changes.

Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router

You will note that the IP for the router tends to be standard. If the standard IP for Aztech does not work then try which is the only other IP that has been used on this model. Test both as one of theses will allow you to enter. Use the DSL5018EN router username and password to change the settings.

Aztech Default Settings

IP –

See the user manual for the Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router as well as the IP and the username and password. There are also other routers on this website like the Aztech DSL5018EN Router and the DSL1015EN-L router amongst others. There is also the pl2303 driver on this website.

DSL5018EN-1T1Ruseruseraztech DSL5018EN-1T1RAztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Manual

How to Change the WiFi Settings on the Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router

Login > Click Wireless (Top Picture) > Click Basic (Top Side Bar) > Click on Access Point (Activated) > See SSID (type in your network name) Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Router
The Broadcast SSID is an option to hide your WiFi from snooping > Click Apply
Click on Security (Top bar) > Use WPS Click No > Encryption (AES) on the drop down > Pre-shared Key (Type in your new WiFi password) > Click Apply and then Click Reboot (Right at the top above the pictures)

The setup of the router is easy enough. You can see in the manual of the router where you need to connect the cables. You can also search other routers on this website by typing in your router name and using the search button. The are a few from the Aztech brand of routers.

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