Aztech DSL600E Router

router username passwordThe username and password for the Aztech DSL600E router we have added here. Note that the IP can also differ in order to log into the router. You can see these login details below with the username and password. We will also show you how to setup your WiFi such as changing your password, IP on the router or also changing your DNS on the router. We have also added the user manual to the router. The DSL600E router manual is in the box below.

Aztech DSL600E Router

You will note that there is a standard IP but when this does not work then you will need to login on the following IP which is or or or See the standard IP which should work the first time. If you are thinking about doing a reset on the router then it is best that you dont. Mainly because the reset might set the router back to the factory settings and not the ISP settings. Note the DSL600E router manual is also listed below for download. See also the Aztech Router Username Password as well as the Aztech DSL600E as well as the Aztech HW550-3G and Aztech DSL7000GRV-S routers.

[toggle title=”Aztech Default Settings” state=”open”]IP –[/toggle]

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DSL600Eadminadminaztech DSL600E routerAztech DSL600E Manual

Setup WiFi on the Aztech DSL600E Router

This is the process to setup your WiFi network. Setup the password and name for the WiFi network.

Login > Click on Wireless (Big picture on top) > Click Setup (Left Bar) > Click on the Enable AP > Click on Primary SSID (Enter your WiFi network name) > Click on Hidden SSID (if you dont others to see your network.) > Click in Channel and place a number in there (1,6, or channel 11) > Click on Apply Aztech DSL600E Router
Click on Security (Left Bar) > Select WPA2 or WPA > Click on Enable WPA Wireless Security > Authentication Type drop down in AES > Click in the WPA Pre-Shared Key box (Type in your password for the WiFi network) > Click on Apply > Click on Restart Access Point on the top bar.

How to Reset the Aztech DSL600EW router

Reset the Aztech DSL600EW router

To reset the DSL600EW router Router, simply press the reset button for about 10 seconds (all customised settings that you have saved will be lost!). Note that there a similar routers on this website. These include the Aztech DSL5068EN-1T1R router as well as other hardware such as the HP Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver as well as the wd ses device usb device, csr bluetooth driver windows 7 which is also here. Finally there is also the USB 2.0 to 10/100m ethernet adapter driver on this website.

How to Change the IP Address of the Aztech DSL600EW router

Login > Click on Basic Home > Click on LAN Configuration > Click on  IP Address > Add an IP such as Aztech DSL600E Router
Leave the Netmask at 
Leave the DHCP Server enabled > Click Apply > Click Reboot
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Next well will change the DNS. You can use the DNS servers of Google. If you are going to use the Google Public DNS, use the following settings where it requires the primary and secondary DNS servers.

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

Change the DNS settings on a Aztech DSL600EW

Login > Click on Status > Click on Advanced (Top Bar) > Click on Application (Left Side Bar) > Click on DNS > Click on DNS Server Priority (Drop Down Menu) > Click on Only User Configured DNS Servers > Where it says User Configured DNS Servers you will see Primary DNS and Primary DNS. Aztech DSL600E Router
  • Primary:
  • Secondary: