Aztech DSL5018EN Router

The username and password for the Aztech DSL5018EN Router is in the box below. These are the logins for the rouyer which you got from your ISP or the manufacturer. You will note that you can also change the WiFi password and change the name of the WiFi network. There is also the ability to login with the username and password and change the DNS of the router.

Aztech DSL5018EN Router

The login IP is the standard one you can see below. Once you login with the DSL5018EN Router username and password you will have access to the settings of the router. See below how to change specific settings. If this IP does not work then try which is the only other IP for this DSL brand. Try that login IP and then use the DSL5018EN router username and password to make your changes.

Aztech Default Settings

IP –

The user manual for the DSL5018EN router you can download below. Page through this to see other settings for the router that you might not have but need. It also gives you the layout of the router and shows you where the reset button is. Don’t reset the button as you might get factory settings and not the ISP settings. This can create problems for you. Be very careful when you reset the DSL5018EN router using the manual.

DSL5018ENadminadminaztech aztech DSL5001EN routerAztech DSL5018EN Manual
useruseraztech aztech DSL5001EN routerAztech DSL5018EN Manual

Lets see how to setup the WiFi on the router and change the network name or SSID and also how to change the password on the WiFi of the Aztech router. The instructions are easy enough to follow. If you get lost then download the user manual and follow the pictures to do the same.

How to Change the WiFi Settings on the Aztech DSL5018EN

Login > Click on Wireless (top of the page picture) > Click Basic > Set Channel to  16, or 11 > Type in the network name (SSID) > Click Apply Aztech DSL5018EN Router
Click Security (Top of the bar on the bar) > Set Use WPS to No > Set Authentication Type to WPA2PSK > Set Encryption to AES > Where it says Pre-Shared Key type in your new WiFi password.
Click Apply and restart the Aztech router.

Firstly there are a number of other files on here. These include the ft232r usb uart driver as well as the prolific usb to serial driver. There are also also router passwords on here such as the Aztech 600EW router as well. Finally there is also the cp2102 driver on here. Finally search this website for more drivers and passwords with usernames.



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