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BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver

BlueSoleil BluetoothThis is a widely used Bluetooth driver and many devices make us of this to ensure that their mobile phones can work. The BlueSoleil  Bluetooth driver works on a number of devices and we have listed their uses below in the number of mobile phone which use this Bluetooth driver. Always ensure that you phone is listed and that the old driver is removed before you install this.

Sweex LW053 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Driver

BlueSoleil release 050606


Note the following drivers are also available:

Billionton BlueSoleil Bluetooth 4.0 driver (WI-GUBT40I) Win7, Win8, WinXP Driver

Billionton Bluetooth Drivers


Note as to how to install on a Windows 7 OS


*** Extract the files to a directory


*** RIGHT click on the setup file and click on ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’


*** Click on Troubleshoot Compatibility and it will search the driver file


*** It will now give an option. This is on Windows 7. Click Recommended Settings


*** There you go you can install the driver


The following mobile phones and devices can use this Bluetooth driver:

Devices this driver supports:
3COM Bluetooth Device
AboCom Bluetooth Device
ALPS Bluetooth Device
AmbiCom Communication Port
Arima Bluetooth Device
ATMEL Bluetooth Device
AVNET Bluetooth Device
Belkin Bluetooth Device
Billionton Bluetooth CF Card
BILLIONTON Bluetooth Device
BlueExpert Bluetooth Device
Bluetooth Device
Bluetooth USB Device Firmware Downloader
Bluetooth wireless hub
BROADCOM Bluetooth Device
COMPAQ Bluetooth Device
CSR Bluetooth Device
DELL Bluetooth Device
Dell Bluetooth/SD Reader USB Adapter
ERICSSON Bluetooth Device
GctSemi Bluetooth Device
Hitachi Bluetooth Device
HP Bluetooth Device
IBM Bluetooth Device
IBM Integrated Bluetooth Device
ICSI Bluetooth Device
ISSC Bluetooth Device
MicroSoft Bluetooth Device
Microtune Bluetooth Device
Mitsumi Bluetooth Device
MSI Bluetooth Device
MSI Bluetooth EDR Device
NSC Bluetooth Device
OKI Bluetooth Device
Panasonic Bluetooth Device
RFMD Bluetooth Device
RTX Bluetooth Device
SAMSUNG Bluetooth Device
SmartModular Bluetooth Device
SMK Bluetooth Device
Socket Bluetooth CF Card Adapter
SONY Bluetooth Device
ST Micro Bluetooth Device
SUPERBT Bluetooth Device
TAIYO YUDEN Bluetooth Device
TDK Bluetooth Device
TI Bluetooth Device
USB Bluetooth Device
USB Bluetooth EDR Device
Winbond Bluetooth Device
WLink Bluetooth Device
Zeevo Bluetooth Device

Operating Systems: Win 98, Win 98SE, Win ME, Win 2K, Win XP, Win Server 2K3

BlueSoleil Bluetooth

IVT=”IVT Corporation”
ProviderName=”IVT Corporation”
BTUSBClassName=”Bluetooth USB”
SvcDesc=”Bluetooth USB For Bluetooth Service”
SourceDisk=”BlueSoleil Installation Disk”

CSR.DeviceDesc=”CSR Bluetooth Device”
AVNET.DeviceDesc=”AVNET Bluetooth Device”
ALPS.DeviceDesc=”ALPS Bluetooth Device”
ERICSSON.DeviceDesc=”ERICSSON Bluetooth Device”
NATIONAL.DeviceDesc=”NSC Bluetooth Device”
SILICONWAVE.DeviceDesc=”RFMD Bluetooth Device”
ZEEVO.DeviceDesc=”Zeevo Bluetooth Device”
SUPERBT.DeviceDesc=”SUPERBT Bluetooth Device”
WavePlus.DeviceDesc=”WavePlus Bluetooth Device”
TAIYOYUDEN.DeviceDesc=”TAIYO YUDEN Bluetooth Device”
BROADCOM.DeviceDesc=”BROADCOM Bluetooth Device”
WLink.DeviceDesc=”WLink Bluetooth Device”
Mitsumi.DeviceDesc=”Mitsumi Bluetooth Device”
Oki.DeviceDesc=”OKI Bluetooth Device”
SAMSUNG.DeviceDesc=”SAMSUNG Bluetooth Device”
TI.DeviceDesc=”TI Bluetooth Device”
RTX.DeviceDesc=”RTX Bluetooth Device”
Unknown.DeviceDesc=”Bluetooth Device”
ST.DeviceDesc=”ST Micro Bluetooth Device”
IBM.DeviceDesc=”IBM Bluetooth Device”
MicroSoft.DeviceDesc=”MicroSoft Bluetooth Device”
TDK.DeviceDesc=”TDK Bluetooth Device”
3COM.DeviceDesc=”3COM Bluetooth Device”
BILLIONTON.DeviceDesc=”BILLIONTON Bluetooth Device”
SMK.DeviceDesc=”SMK Bluetooth Device”
Microtune.DeviceDesc=”Microtune Bluetooth Device”
Arima.DeviceDesc=”Arima Bluetooth Device”
Hitachi.DeviceDesc=”Hitachi Bluetooth Device”
GctSemi.DeviceDesc=”GctSemi Bluetooth Device”
DELL.DeviceDesc=”DELL Bluetooth Device”
COMPAQ.DeviceDesc=”COMPAQ Bluetooth Device”
MSI.DeviceDesc=”MSI Bluetooth Device”
BT.DeviceDesc=”USB Bluetooth Device”
SONY.DeviceDesc=”SONY Bluetooth Device”
Air2U.DeviceDesc=”INVES Bluetooth Device”
HP.DeviceDesc=”HP Bluetooth Device”
iTech.DeviceDesc=”i.Tech Dynamic Bluetooth Device”
Winbond.DeviceDesc=”Winbond Bluetooth Device”
ISSC.DeviceDesc=”ISSC Bluetooth Device”
SmartModular.DeviceDesc=”SmartModular Bluetooth Device”
Belkin.DeviceDesc=”Belkin Bluetooth Device”
SocketCom.DeviceDesc=”Socketcom Bluetooth Device”
Cellink.DeviceDesc=”Cellink Bluetooth Device”

LOGITECH.DeviceDesc=”Bluetooth wireless hub”
IBMBM3.DeviceDesc=”IBM Integrated Bluetooth Device”
GIANT.DeviceDesc=”GIANT Bluetooth Device”
PANASONIC.DeviceDesc=”Panasonic Bluetooth Device”
ICSI.DeviceDesc=”ICSI Bluetooth Device”
ITRONIX.DeviceDesc=”Itronix Bluetooth Device”
DELLELWOOD.DeviceDesc=”Dell Bluetooth/SD Reader USB Adapter”
FCS.DeviceDesc=”Fujitsu Siemens Bluetooth Device”
BlueExpert.DeviceDesc=”BlueExpert Bluetooth Device”
AboCom.DeviceDesc=”AboCom Bluetooth Device”
Princeton.DeviceDesc=”Princeton USB BT Adapter”
FIC.DeviceDesc=”FIC Bluetooth USB Device”
MSIEDR.DeviceDesc=”MSI Bluetooth EDR Device”
MANFEDR.DeviceDesc=”USB Bluetooth EDR Device”
GlobalSat.DeviceDesc=”GlobalSat Bluetooth Device”

Note: Operating system not what you have? This was the last driver for this hardware as it is very old and was never updated again. What you could try is running the driver in compatibility mode.

1. Place the driver installation file on the Desktop.

2. Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab.

3. Select Windows XP for compatibility mode.

4. Click Apply

5. Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.



BlueSoleil  Bluetooth Headphones (Anitech and Avantree Bluetooth headphones)

Setting up the Bluetooth headphones from Anitech and Avantree can be a bit tricky as you will need to reboot at least twice in order to make the BlueSoleil driver work.  Once you download the driver from their website you will need to install the Bluetooth driver and then you will need to setup the driver. I am using a Bluetooth dongle at the rear of my computer so you will need to have this plugged into your computer already. The Bluetooth will be Blue until it has been connected to turn it yellow.

  • Install the driver file
  • Right Click on the icon in your taskbar
  • Click on Bluetooth functions
  • bluetooth driver
  • Click on Bluetooth 4 functions
  • Now select USB on the new menu
  • You have to now reboot in order for the driver to work (It does not prompt for a reboot)
  • Once it reboots you will now turn on your Bluetooth headphones and it will say that it is pairing
  • Right Click on the icon again and now click on Turn On Bluetooth
  • Click on Explore Bluetooth Places
  • Now Right Click on the headphones and click Pair
  • Once the pairing starts you will get the next warning
  • bluesoleil headphones
  • Now click on YES and you will now hear the sound from your computer on your earphones
  • You can download the Avantree driver below or download it from their website.

BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver (Local)

BlueSoleil  Bluetooth Driver (Avantree Manufactures Website)


Update with the BlueSoleil is the problem that once you turn off the headphones it does not reconnect the Bluetooth again for some odd reason and you have to force the link again as below. You will have to go back to explore Bluetooth and then right-click on the headphones and then click on “Listen to music“. It will then connect.

BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver


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