HTC Sync Manager Windows

HTC Sync Manager / USB Driver This is the HTC Sync Manager Windows which is a free software program for your computer which allows you to sync all of your multimedia on your phone of computer with your HTC Android mobile phone. You can using this application manager also sync all of your contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and documents.

HTC Sync Manager Windows

Once you have synced your mobile phone you can easily manage and organize with HTC Sync Manager on your computer. Everything is safely backed up and ready to be updated to your phone. Note that HTC no longer provides the software as this was made for a Windows XP system. The last version was version 3.3.63 in the English language. Likewise also see the HTC USB Modem Driver and the HTC MTP Device Driver Win 7.

HTC Sync Manager Windows If you are now trying to run this on a Windows 10 system then it might be a problem to install, but there might be another way. Download the zipped file below and then extract the file. There is only one file inside and it is an EXE file called “HTC Sync Manager _RGUOZ”.


What you then need to do it to right-click on the file and then click on “troubleshoot compatibility” in the menu at the top. Windows will then attempt to install the file in compatibility mode on Windows 10. Then click on try the default settings and the screen you see here will then appear. This is the compatibility troubleshooter that it will try. For this it is the Windows 8 system it will attempt to install the software on. This is the only way to install and run the HTC Sync Manager Windows now. Search this website for more HTC drivers.

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HTC Sync Manager Download 


The link above will take you to the HTC Sync manager on their website. There is a HTC USB driver as well as a Windows 7 HTC USB driver also on this website. See also here.



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