Bluetooth Driver

Bluetooth Driver The following Bluetooth driver or bluetooth dongle driver is a generic driver for the devices listed below. This is a bluetooth dongle driver.Note that all these devices use the same chipsets so the software works on all of them. This is the latest Bluetooth driver for these devices which are listed. Note this driver will work on most Windows operating systems. Note that this is a driver from Acer which works on other devices as well as the hardware is the same.

Bluetooth Driver

If you are in Windows 7 and Windows 8 and you need to run this Bluetooth driver then you will need to run the driver in Windows compatibility mode as shown below. This Bluetooth USB dongle driver is easy to install.  This should solve you problems with Windows. This is a generic driver for the  BCM1000-BTW Bluetooth made by Broadcom. This is a Bluetooth driver for Windows 7 as well as the Bluetooth USB dongle driver listed here.

The Bluetooth driver we’re talking about here is like the universal remote for a bunch of gadgets. Imagine you have different cool gadgets like speakers, headphones, and keyboards. Now, these gadgets all have a tiny chip inside that helps them connect wirelessly to your computer. This Bluetooth driver is like the superhero that makes sure all these gadgets can talk to your computer smoothly.

Broadcom BCM1000-BTW Bluetooth

What’s cool is that it doesn’t matter if your gadget is from Acer or some other brand; if they use the same kind of chip (which many of them do), this driver will work its magic. It’s like having a magic spell that can be used on lots of different enchanted objects.

You know how some games work on different gaming consoles? Think of this driver as the game that works on all of them, making sure your gadgets and your computer can understand each other. So, whether you’re using an old Windows or the latest one, this driver’s got your back.


driver download


Broadcom Bluetooth Driver Download (32bit/64bit)


Bluetooth Driver – Devices it works on


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  • BCM92045DG-Flash
  • ANYCOM Blue USB-UHE 200/250
  • ANYCOM Blue USB-200/250
  • Formosa 2
  • Formosa 1
  • Kensington Bluetooth EDR Dongle
  • Bluetooth COM One Device
  • Sitecom USB Bluetooth Dongle
  • Linksys Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • Alps Bluetooth Device
  • Bluetooth Multiport by Compaq
  • Bluetooth Ultraport Module IBM
  • TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor
  • IBM Integrated Bluetooth
  • Ericsson BV USB Bluetooth Device
  • Ericsson USB Bluetooth Device 1.2
  • CSR USB Bluetooth Device
  • Ericsson USB Bluetooth Device
  • TECOM Bluetooth Device
  • Kensington Bluetooth Device
  • Motorola USB Bluetooth Device
  • Belkin Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter
  • Dell Bluetooth USB
  • Bluetooth firmware upgrade
  • GIANT Bluetooth Device
  • Belkin Bluetooth Device
  • Panasonic Bluetooth Device
  • ICSI Bluetooth USB Device
  • Philips BluePearl Bluetooth USB
  • Itronix Bluetooth Device
  • Dell Bluetooth USB adapter
  • HP integrated with Bluetooth
  • HP Integrated Bluetooth 2.0
  • Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device2
  • Fujitsu Siemens USB Device
  • Actiontec USB Bluetooth BTM200
  • Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device
  • ThinkPad Integrated Bluetooth IV
  • ThinkPad Bluetooth Enhanced
  • Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE
  • Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB
  • Samsung Bluetooth Device
  • Silicon
  • Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device
  • Wave Bluetooth Device
  • Zeevo Bluetooth Device
  • Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module
  • IBM Integrated Bluetooth II
  • IBM Integrated Bluetooth III
  • Microtune USB Bluetooth Device
  • MSI USB Bluetooth Device
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Device
  • National Semiconductor Bluetooth
  • STMicroeletronics USB Bluetooth
  • TI Mistral Bluetooth Device
  • Sony Bluetooth Device
  • Formosa Bluetooth Device
  • Bluetooth by hp
  • Bluetooth wireless hub
  • Microlink-Foxlink Bluetooth Device
  • Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth
  • Dell Wireless 3xx Bluetooth
  • GIANT Bluetooth Device
  • Belkin Bluetooth Device
  • Panasonic Bluetooth Device
  • ICSI Bluetooth USB Device
  • Philips BluePearl Bluetooth USB
  • Itronix Bluetooth Device
  • Dell Bluetooth USB adapter
  • HP integrated Bluetooth wireless
  • HP Integrated  Bluetooth 2.0
  • Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device2
  • HP USB BT Transceiver [1.2]
  • ISSC USB Bluetooth Device
  • Air2U Bluetooth Device
  • Broadcom ROM dongle

Bluetooth Technology


Additionally Bluetooth technology has become an essential feature for many modern devices. However, in order for a device to utilize Bluetooth technology, it must have a Bluetooth driver installed. A Bluetooth driver is software that enables communication between the device’s operating system and Bluetooth devices.

The process of installing a Bluetooth driver varies depending on the device and operating system. For example, Windows 10 has built-in Bluetooth drivers, while earlier versions of Windows may require downloading and installing the driver separately. On macOS, Bluetooth drivers are integrated into the operating system and are updated through software updates.

Additionally, Bluetooth drivers are crucial for establishing a stable and reliable connection between devices. They ensure that devices can discover and connect to each other seamlessly. Without a Bluetooth driver, a device may not be able to connect to Bluetooth devices or may experience connectivity issues.

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Firstly Bluetooth drivers also support various Bluetooth profiles, which determine the types of tasks that can be performed over Bluetooth. Secondly as an example, the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) enables high-quality audio streaming. Lastly this while the Human Interface Device Profile (HID) allows devices such as keyboards and mice to connect to a computer wirelessly.

In conclusion, Bluetooth drivers are an integral component of using Bluetooth technology. Firstly they allow devices to communicate with each other and support various Bluetooth profiles. Secondly by enabling a wide range of tasks to be performed wirelessly. Lastly understanding how to install and update Bluetooth drivers can help ensure a smooth and reliable Bluetooth experience.

EasyCap 4CH USB Video Capture Dongle Driver

Likewise this is the 4CH USB Video Capture Dongle driver from EasyCap. Additionally the user manual for the video capture dongle is included in the driver package. Firstly you will need to connect the EasyCap 4 channel USB DVR surveillance system. Secondly once connected install the software for the device. Lastly this was the last capture dongle for the USB video capture card from EasyCap.
driver download

EasyCap USB Video Capture Dongle Driver


CSR Bluetooth Driver (32bit)

Firstly this is the drivers for the CSR Bluetooth device. Secondly you will note that there are a different files for each driver as there are Windows 7/8  which are all 32 bit versions of the driver. Thirdly you will note that this is driver version Finally the 64bit Bluetooth driver has been added below as well for the CSR Bluetooth.

driver download

1 CSR Bluetooth Driver 32-bit

driver download

2 CSR Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio Driver


CSR Bluetooth Driver (64bit)

Likewise you can download the CSR Bluetooth Remote Control Device Driver below. Additionally note that this is a Windows 7 and Windows 8 for a 64bit system. Note that this file is a CAB file which people hate however you can see the instructions below as to how to install it.

driver download

CSR Bluetooth Driver Win 7/8 – 64-bit

driver download


Likewise you will note that the usb\vid_0a12&pid_0001&rev_8891 driver is for the CSR Bluetooth driver. These are the INF files. If you don’t know how to install and INF file then extract the zip file. Additionally inside the zip file there is a CAB file. Extract the CAB file as well. There are two types of files. You can now right-click on any of the INF files as there are two. Likewise then a new menu will pop-up under your mouse button. Then left-click on the (install) option. It takes a few second before the driver is installed. It is very fast to install.

You can find the CSR Bluetooth drivers here (32bit) and here (64bit)


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