VIA VT8261 Card Reader Driver

VIA VT8261 Card Reader Driver This is a 64 bit Vista driver for the VIA VT8261 Card Reader. Check your hardware and software for compatibility. Note again that this is a 64bit driver for your card reader. We have listed the ID specs for it below. The computer should read VIA MSP Card Reader Host Controller.

[VIACardReader.NT.Wdf] KmdfService = vcrdrx64, dynambus_wdfsect
[dynambus_wdfsect] KmdfLibraryVersion = 1.7

[Strings] SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE= 0x00000002
VIA = “VIA Technologies, Inc”
StdMfg = “(VIA MSP Card Reader driver)”
DiskId1 = “VIA MSP Card Reader driver Installation Disk #1”
VIA.SD.MS.DeviceDesc = “VIA MSP Card Reader Host Controller”
VIADeviceDesc = “VIA VT8261 Card Reader”
VIACardReaderDESC = “VIA MSP Card Reader Host Controller”


VIA VT8261 Card Reader Driver

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