HTC USB Modem Driver

HTC USB Modem Driver You can find the HTC USB Modem Driver below. This is the mobile file for the HTC modem. This is the latest driver which was released for the Microsoft platform. The driver is very small and you can download it below. This runs on all the Windows operating systems.

HTC USB Modem Driver

If you are looking for more device drivers from HTC then you can search for your HTC drivers HTC Drivers. The is also the HTC sync program for your mobile phone. Most are looking for the HTC drivers for the phone however this is only the CAB file and you might be looking for all the Windows 7 and Windows 8 drivers. That is on another page.

NOTE: If this CAB file here does not solve the issue then you should try the full driver files for HTC on this page listed here. There are 4 options on the HTC driver. See HTC MTP Device Driver Win 8. Likewise there is also a different version which you can also find. See the HTC MTP Device Driver Win 7 as well. 

When tackling the challenge of installing Windows 7 CAB files for HTC drivers. Then a multi-step approach comes into play, each with its unique process. One of the effective methods involves downloading and installing the CAB file directly from Microsoft. Alternatively, you can right-click on the provided link to save it on your computer. Upon extraction of the contents, the next step involves interacting with the file concluding with an INF extension.

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Another route entails unzipping the provided file to a location of your choice, ensuring it’s an area you’re familiar with. Following this, connect your phone using a USB cable, subsequently opening the Device Manager through the combination of the Windows Key and X key, then selecting Device Manager. Spotting HTC under the Other Devices section, right-clicking on it, and opting for the Update Driver Software command becomes pivotal.

As you proceed, the choice of “Browse my computer for driver software” unfolds, leading to the selection of the specific folder housing the unzipped drivers. Subsequently, the installation commences, resulting in the appearance of “My HTC” under Android USB Device within your device manager. Likewise also see the Nokia USB Modem and HTC U Ultra Drivers on here.

In scenarios where the installer and INF file fail to yield results. Likewise an alternative option presents itself through the HTC driver, a larger file in comparison. Worth noting is that the HTC driver is specifically designed for Windows 8, marking a notable difference. It’s important to acknowledge that the HTC driver’s effectiveness can vary; what may work seamlessly for one individual might not yield the same outcome for another.

Navigating through the intricacies of HTC driver installation can indeed be a hit-and-miss experience. Amidst the assortment of approaches. It’s recommended to explore the Windows 8 driver as well, considering the diverse outcomes and idiosyncrasies that can arise. Lastly also see the HTC Sync Manager Windows on here.



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