Intel SSD Optimise Button Greyed Out

SSD driver / SSD FirmwareThis is the Intel SSD Optimise Button Greyed Out issue. The latest upgrade from Windows 10 appears to leave the Intel Software all greyed out. I am not certain why this occurs and it does not appear to be a space issue. This has occurred after the last Windows 10 update. I figured that the Windows 10 system has locked out the Intel software and had added it to its own Windows 10 optimiser scheduler as the weekly schedule has appears in there now.

Intel SSD Optimise Button Greyed Out

So, if you’re trying to click on the Intel SSD Optimizer button and it’s being a bit stubborn, there could be a few reasons:

First off, your drive might not be best buddies with TRIM. TRIM is like the cool cleanup crew for your drive, but it needs to be enabled. You can check this by going into Command Prompt as an Administrator. If TRIM is not in the party mood, that might be the issue. Trim is further explained under Trim Windows 10.

Another thing to consider is your driver software. It’s like the brain of your drive, and sometimes it needs a little update. Head to the Device Manager and try giving it a software makeover. You might even need to play matchmaker and force install some NVMe drivers. The Intel SSD Toolbox can also be your detective. Use it to grab the log for your Intel SSD 750 and share that file for a bit of investigation. It’s like calling in the experts to figure out what’s going on.

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Driver Issues

And speaking of drivers, make sure you’re running the latest and greatest NVMe drivers for the Intel SSD optimizer to do its thing. Now, your drive also has a preference for its partition—it likes to be NTFS. Make sure it’s got the right setup to dance with the optimizer. Likewise see also the Samsung 960 PRO SSD NVMe Driver and Samsung 950 PRO SSD NVMe Driver.

If your storage controllers are from the NVIDIA family, they might be causing a bit of a hiccup. Swap out the NVIDIA SATA drivers with the standard Windows IDE drivers and see if that gets the party started. Remember, these are like detective clues, and the solution could depend on what’s happening in your drive’s world. See also the Samsung 960 EVO SSD NVMe Driver.


SSD Greyed out Solution

The greyed out button is one of these problems you will have with the Intel SSD drive. You can also see the Intel SSD 660p driver as well as other SSD Problems on this website. Follow the instructions below and see how this greyed out error will be fixed as shown below.


So if you woke up this morning to this:

SSD greyed out

You will now have to look in your Windows 10 scheduler for more information.

Intel SSD Optimise Button Greyed Out

You can also see other issues which are listed here as well as the issues of the driver setup if the SSD drive buttons are greyed out.




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