PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver

USB DriverPL2305 USB to Printer Bridge Controller driver or PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer driver has been added below which will take you to the download page as this chipset is from Prolific. This chipset you will find in the USB-C to Parallel Printer Cable adapters. This cable is a bi-directional bridge between the Universal Serial Bus (USB) system and IEEE-1284 parallel port printers.

PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver

The drivers for this should be in your Windows driver files and is a standard driver in Windows. You can also find the drivers for the StarTech 2 Port USB to RS232 Serial DB9 Adapter as well as the Cisco USB Console Cable – USB to RJ45. This cable allows you to USB to save the expense of replacing your serial printer as the DB25 adapter saves you the cost of replacing a parallel printer for a USB compatibility printer. Note that they all use the Prolific USB to serial driver.


PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer Driver

The Prolific PL2305 chipset is used with this adapter. This comes with a parallel printer cable. The maximum data transfer data rate is 1.5Mbps and comes a a USB-C port as you can see from the pictures above. The power source is the USB port and done not need an adapter. The other connections are also the DB-25 adapter female connection type. See for driver file below for the chipset. See also the uc232a driver download as well as the HP Laserjet 3380 printer.

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PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Features

Meet the PL-2305, a tech wonder made by Prolific. It’s like a magic translator between USB and printers with an old-school parallel port (think of it as a language that some printers speak). Likewise see also the HP laserjet p1100 driver as well as the Samsung Universal Print Driver. Here’s the lowdown:


What Makes PL-2305 Cool:

  • Bi-Directional Magic: It’s like a bridge that lets USB and parallel port printers talk to each other in both directions.
  • Tech Chameleon: Designed to be a flexible, high-performance solution for making USB cables and peripherals play nicely.

USB-C to Parallel Connection – What’s That?:

  • Imagine a cable that has a USB-C connector on one end and a parallel port on the other. It’s like a translator that helps devices with parallel ports (like printers) speak with computers that only understand USB-C.
  • PL-2305 could be the secret ingredient in such a cable, making the USB to Parallel conversion happen.

Real-World Example – USB-C to Parallel Printer Cable:

  • This cable is like a superhero tool. It connects your USB-C laptop or desktop to an old-school DB25 printer.
  • It magically turns your USB-C port into a parallel port, making it seem like your computer had a parallel port built-in.
  • No hassle with installation – just plug it in, and you’re good to go.

Important Note:

  • The PL-2305 took a bow in 2020 (End of Life), so it won’t be getting any more updates or new features.

In a Nutshell:

  • The PL-2305 is like a tech middleman, making sure your modern USB devices can still chat with printers that speak the old parallel language.
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Bus Type USB-C
Chipset ID Prolific – PL2305
Interface Parallel
Ports 1
Maximum Data Transfer Rate 1.5Mbps
System and Cable Requirements One available USB-C port
Connector Type(s) 1 – USB Type-C (24-pin) USB 2.0 (480Mbps) Male
1 – DB-25 (25 pin, D-Sub) Female
Power Source USB-Powered

Finally note the PL2305 USB-C to Parallel Printer driver for the adapter is found below. Likewise also see the article on the Serial Port Cards as well as the Memorex CD-RW 2224 driver.


driver download

This will open to the installation pages.

 USB to Serial Driver (Windows)

FT232r USB UART Driver (Linux)


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