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BGM220 Bluetooth Modules

The BGM220 Bluetooth modules are numerous and there are difference either in what they can do or how they are shipped. Some modules are sold in a tube format or in a strip form. These are the Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko version and you can see what each one offers. First the hardware and then the comparisons between the different versions of the BGM220 Bluetooth Modules. Read More »

CP2109 USB to UART

The CP2109 USB to UART is the Silicon Labs CP2109 USB to UART Bridge and its VCP driver. You can see how to install this driver as well as see how the USB to UART is installed. This is the CP2109 USB to UART from Silicon Labs but there is also the CP2102 USB to UART on this website. You will note that these are different. There is also the more popular FT232R USB UART driver as you can see.

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Silicon Labs UART Drivers

USB DriverThere are a number of UART drivers which had been brought to market by Silicon Labs. Below you will find the most common UART drivers which are downloaded from the internet. Like any other software it is best to check your version of your driver first before you install another. If this is newer then the software will simply over right the current older driver.

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