Yamaha MX61 Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.9

USB DriverThe Yamaha MX61 Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.9 below you will find the Yamaha MX61 Steinberg USB Driver which is version 1.9.9. Note that this is the Windows 7/8/10 driver which has been added below. You will need to check your hardware and then download the driver and install the USB driver for the Yamaha device.

Yamaha MX61 Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.9

Note that this is a 32bit as well as a 64bit driver in the zip file. Always scan all your drivers which you download from the internet. Open the zip file and then choose the 32bit or 64bit versions of the driver. The updates to this driver included but is not limited to:

– Solved some minor problems.
– Solved the following problems.
– Audio loss may occur depending on the user environment
– Audio may distort after some period of time.

You can download the driver for the MX61 Steinberg USB driver below. Download the ZIP file and then extract the content. You will then be able to install this either on a Windows 7 system or install it in compatibility mode on a Windows 10 system. Lastly also see the Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver (32 bit) as well as the


How to connect Yamaha MX61 to Steinberg via USB

  1. Connect Yamaha MX61 to Computer:
    • Use a USB cable to connect your Yamaha MX61 keyboard to your computer.
  2. Install Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver:
    • Download and install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver that matches your computer and operating system.
  3. Configure Cubase Settings:
    • Open Cubase and go to DEVICES > MIDI DEVICE MANAGER > Install Device. Choose the “Yamaha MX (YAMAHA)” script.
  4. Set Output and VST Connections:
    • Set the OUTPUT to Yamaha MX49/MX61 (Port1) and go to DEVICES > VST CONNECTIONS > EXTERNAL INSTRUMENT.
    • Add External Instrument, set it for 1 Stereo Return, and click on “Associate MIDI Device.” Choose “YAMAHA MX” and click OK.
  5. Select Yamaha MX in Cubase:
    • On the main Cubase window, click on RACK INSTRUMENTS. The Yamaha MX will appear under EXTERNAL PLUG-INS; select it.
  6. Create MIDI Track:
    • A prompt will appear asking, “Do you want to create a MIDI track assigned to plugin “Yamaha MX”?”. Create the MIDI Track.
  7. Assign MIDI Tracks:
    • Each new MIDI Track you create (using ADD TRACK > MIDI) should be assigned to the same “Yamaha MX” plugin.
  8. Note for Cubase Version:
    • Please be aware that the advanced routing scenario using EXTERNAL INSTRUMENT is available in the top-of-the-line versions of Cubase.
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How do I install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver?

  1. Prepare Your Computer:
    • Turn off your computer.
    • Disconnect all USB devices, keeping only the mouse and keyboard connected.
    • Start your computer and log in to the Administrator account.
  2. Download the Driver:
    • Visit the official Yamaha website and download the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver.
  3. Unzip the Driver:
    • Unzip the downloaded driver file on your computer.
  4. Run the Setup:
    • Locate and double-click on “setup.exe” in the unzipped file.
  5. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the software.
  6. Complete Installation:
    • Once the installation is finished, click [Finish].
  7. Restart Your Computer:
    • If a window prompts you to restart your computer, follow the on-screen instructions and restart.
  8. Check System Requirements:
    • Be aware that system requirements may vary depending on your operating system.


The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver is a special software that makes your computer talk to a USB device that works with it, like some Yamaha and Steinberg devices. You need this driver if you’re into serious recording with your Steinberg gear on your Windows computer. It’s not just for recording – you can also use it to turn your keyboard into a super-responsive audio interface with really low delays. So, it’s kind of like the language your computer and your music gear speak to each other. Likewise see also the Yamaha MX49 Steinberg USB Driver and Windows Media Creation Tool error 0x80004005 – 0xa001a.

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Yamaha MX61 Steinberg USB Driver 

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