JMB38X SD Host Controller Vista

JMB38X SD Host Controller VistaThis is the This is the Vista driver for the JMB38X SD Host Controller driver or jmb38x ms host controller. Always ensure that you check downloaded files for viruses and trojans. You can download Malwarebytes and also CCleaner free download on this website if you need to check any of the files. Note the hardware ID’s for this driver listed below.

JMB38X SD Host Controller Vista

The driver covers a number of hardware. These would be the range of hardware from JMicron Technology Corp. Note the JMicron description of the driver and for which hardware it will work. There is the JMB38X SD Host Controller as well as jmb38x ms host controller

the JMB38X SD/MMC Host Controller. Firstly the JMB38X MS Host Controller and the JMB38X xD Host Controller are the most widely known. Secondly there is the JMB38X SD Host Controller and the JMB38X SD/MMC Host Controller. Finally the JMB38X MS Host Controller JMB38X xD Host Controller has also been using this driver.

The installation process is easy as it is an INF file install. This installs much like the vistascan driver which is also on here as well as the UMAX usc 5800 scanner driver which you can also find on this website. You will need to download the zip file on here and then extract its content. This can be done on Windows XP, Windows 7 as well as on Windows 10. Look for the INF file called “jmcr_jm.inf”. you must then right-click on the INF file and then click on install on the new menu that pops up. It is close to the top of the menu after you right-click. The driver will then install and Windows will state that it found new hardware and you will need to restart your computer after the installation is complete. There is no software with this and only the bare driver which need to be installed. See also the Ricoh PCIe SD/MMC driver. See also the Longshine LCS-8033H NEC Driver and Samsung USB Driver not installing as well.


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JMB38X SD Host Controller Vista



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