Aspire One D260 Broadcom WLAN Driver

USB DriverThe Aspire One D260 Broadcom WLAN Driver or Acer Aspire d260 drivers is explained. This was the last driver released for the Acer Aspire D260 network card driver. Note that this is a Windows 7 driver and as such will normally only install on a Windows 7 machine unless you try and run it in compatibility mode. This driver is version 5.60.350.6 and was released in March 2016.

Aspire One D260 Broadcom WLAN Driver

The driver for the  Acer Aspire D260 network card is located inside a zip file. Open the zip file with 7zip or any other program and extract the file or simply click on the install file. From there the driver will install on you computer. You should check your version of the driver first or you can simply download and install the driver. If your current version is the same it will tell you this when it checks for the driver. There are other Acer drivers on this website and also check here. This is the Acer Aspire d260 drivers for download as well as the ft232r usb uart on this website as well as the Bluesoleil generic Bluetooth driver.

As you will note that this is a Broadcom driver and these are very common. The Acer is just a brand name while Broadcom is the actual hardware. This much like the older Asmedia 104x USB3 Controller which is also here. This Aspire One D260 is another Broadcom network driver. This will run on Windows 7.


Aspire One D260 Broadcom Driver



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