Acer Bluetooth Drivers

Bluetooth Software DriverSee the Acer Bluetooth drivers where you can download Bluetooth Windows 7 Acer. The Acer Bluetooth driver for Windows 7 is here. If you are looking for a Bluetooth driver then see the list below. If the Bluetooth device is not there then check the other Bluetooth drivers on this website to see if your device has been listed there. This driver is mainly Bluetooth drivers from Acer and used in Acer laptops and computers.

Acer Bluetooth Drivers

There are a number of versions for the Acer Bluetooth hardware. It might say Acer however as you know that the hardware will never actually be Acer. Its normally Broadcom or other hardware. This is the Acer Bluetooth driver for Windows 7 or better stated you can download Bluetooth Windows 7 Acer which is a 32bit as well as a 64bit driver. See the different ones below as the driver file is the same.

Acer Bluetooth Headset Hardware

The Acer Bluetooth driver for Windows 7 is below and see how to download and install it. Note the drivers are for:

  • Bluetooth Hands-free Audio
  • Bluetooth Stereo Audio
  • Also the Bluetooth AVDT Driver
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Bluetooth Hands-free
  • Also the Bluetooth Headset AG
  • Bluetooth Hands-free AG

These are the Bluetooth headsets as well as the stereo audio including the hands-free kit.  The AVDT headset is also covered by this driver. See the next hardware which also works on this software. Before that you will note that this is an old Windows 7 driver and is mainly like the rest of the website for hardware that are 10 years old or even longer. Making them work at times can be difficult.

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Acer Bluetooth Dongle Hardware

Much like the Acer B273HU Monitor and the Acer D240H Driver are all older Acer monitors as well. This includes the Acer Aspire One D260 as well. The next hardware is mainly the Acer USB dongle types of hardware. This will work on Bluetooth version 2 as well as the Acer Bluetooth version 1.2. The next level of Acer Bluetooth hardware are as follows:

  • HP Bluetooth Module
  • HP Bluetooth Dongle
  • IBM Integrated Bluetooth IV
  • High Performance Bluetooth 1.2 USB dongle
  • Broadcom Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB dongle
  • Broadcom Bluetooth 2.0 EDR USB Dongle
  • ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate
  • Broadcom Ultimate Low Cost Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB dongle
  • Dell Wireless 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology
  • Dell Wireless 355C Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR module

Acer Bluetooth AV Hardware

This is a list of Acer Bluetooth driver for Windows 7 which is the AV hardware using this software. As stated this is a Windows 7 driver and was the last driver released for this hardware. This is both 32 bit as well as a 64 bit driver. You can now download bluetooth windows 7 Acer below.

  • Bluetooth AV
  • Bluetooth AV Source
  • Also the Bluetooth SYNC
  • Bluetooth LAN Access over PPP
  • Bluetooth AV Remote Control Target
  • Also the Bluetooth Imaging Responder
  • Bluetooth BPP Basic
  • Also the Bluetooth BPP Status
  • Bluetooth Phone Book Access


You can now download the Bluetooth Windows 7 Acer driver.

Bluetooth Software Driver

Bluetooth Software Driver



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