BRCM USB Jungo Driver

USB DriverThis is normally a driver which you will short when Kies has not been installed properly. Below you will find the Windows driver for the BRCM or Broadcom USB Jungo driver. This is also called the LAVA IRIS X1 driver.

BRCM USB Jungo Driver

The Broadcom Jungo driver or Lava Iris driver is a Window driver which is the MTP and RNDIS driver. This will normally correct the port problems you have when connecting the mobile phone. Always scan all software downloaded from the internet. Likewise see also the HTC USB Modem Driver and HTC MTP Device Driver Win 7.

“BRCM USB Jungo” is a term that refers to a special software created by Broadcom Corporation. They made this software using Jungo’s WinDriver toolkit, which helps people make custom drivers for different kinds of devices that connect to computers, like USB and PCI devices. This toolkit makes it easier for developers because they don’t have to deal with complicated issues related to Windows software development.

One specific example of this kind of software is called BRCM_WinUSB_ADB_Jungo_MTP_RNDIS_Driver_1.05.exe. It’s designed to work with Broadcom’s hardware devices. It’s important to be careful when downloading these kinds of drivers. Always get them from a trusted source to avoid any problems with your computer.


Hardware ID

The hardware Id’s below shows which hardware and devices will work with this driver. Likewise also see the Broadcom 43142 Bluetooth Driver on this website.

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Alcatel HTC Dream
Google HTC Dream
Marvell Modem
VIA Technologies Telecom Android Fastboot Interface

Alcatel HTC Bootloader
Google HTC Bootloader

How do I install BRCM USB Jungo drivers?

To set up BRCM USB Jungo drivers for your device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Plug in your device to a USB port.
  2. Go to the Jungo website and download WinDriver. It’s free to use for 30 days and comes with instructions.
  3. Open DriverWizard. You can find it in the Start menu under Programs > WinDriver > DriverWizard. If you have Windows 7 or newer, make sure to run it as an administrator.
  4. In DriverWizard, click “New host driver project.” It will show you a list of devices connected to your computer. Choose your USB device from the list.
  5. For Windows, you need to create an INF file to make your USB device work with WinDriver. Don’t worry, DriverWizard can help:
    • Click the button that says “Generate .INF file” or click “Next.”
    • It will show you some details about your device. You can change them if you need to.
    • If your USB device has different parts, you can choose which one to make the INF file for.

And remember, always get these drivers from a trustworthy source to avoid any problems with your computer. Likewise see also the HTC Sync Manager Windows as well as the HTC U Ultra Drivers.



Broadcom USB Jungo Driver

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