Broadcom BCM20702

Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth Driver Win8 64bitThe Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth driver for Windows 8 64 bit has been listed below. You can download the driver below and install it on your Windows computer. It is very easy to install the Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth driver simply by clicking on the file.

Broadcom BCM20702

Like any other driver always use a virus scanner to check all your files before or after you install them. There are other Bluetooth drivers listed on this website if this is not the correct one. This is the Broadcom bcm20702 driver which is designed to run on Windows 7 but will also run on Windows 10. This is an INF install and you can see below how to install the driver as there is no EXE file. The bcm20702 driver Windows 10 driver is explained below.

Broadcom BCM20702

Download the ZIP file and the extract the files inside. See the INF file at the top. You will need to right-click on the INF file and then click on ‘Install” in the menu. The driver will then install on your computer. Windows will state that it found new hardware. You might need to reboot your computer after this. See also the Broadcom BCM 5704 Driver as well as the Broadcom Bluetooth BCM4352 Driver on here.

Search this website for more information as the BCM chipsets are very common in most IT hardware today. The INF install is easy to do as it does not take into account the OS.  Use the side bar on the right to search for other old equipment on this website as well. Much like the Broadcom 43142 Bluetooth Driver the older hardware is still on the market.


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Broadcom BCM20702 Driver



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