BCM 43142a0 Driver – Solution

USB DriverIf you are having the following errors that the driver cannot be found then the solution to this problem has been added below. Common issues are bcm43142a0 asus as well as bcm43142a0 driver you can now look below for more information. You will need a driver for this as the Network Controller, USB Controller and BCM43142A0 has “No Drivers” and needs to be installed. This you will not only find in Asus products but also with HP products.

BCM 43142a0 Driver (ASUS & ACER)

You will need to install the driver below as it will depend on what you cannot connect to. Many times when people lose their drivers it is not only the network controller but also the WiFi drivers which are not working and they need to find a driver solution for all of them. Below you can download the Bluetooth driver from Broadcom which is used by mainly laptops from Acer as well as Asus. Download the driver below as there is a 32bit as well as a 64 bit driver for this. This is a Windows 10 driver.

Broadcom 43142 Bluetooth Driver

BCM 43142a0 Driver


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