The FX506LU ASUS TUF WLAN driver below is the latest Windows 10 64bit driver from ASUS. Check your hardware as this is the FX506LU chipset from MediaTek. There are others such as the FX706LH WLAN as well as the FX706LU driver from ASUS. The FX706LI driver as well as the FX706LU driver are also listed ion this website. This TUF Gaming driver is version and is a Windows 10 64bit driver.


Download the zip file below and then open the file and click on the .exe file inside. This will install the driver for you. If there FX506LU ASUS TUF WLAN Driveris a problem with the install then uninstall the current driver and reboot the machine. Then do a clean install. Windows will look for the driver. Install the driver again and there should be no error. Note that this is a Windows 10 64bit driver.

If you want to check your current driver version then click on device manager. From there you can right click on the device and then click on version. This driver is version so compare the driver versions. See also the FX506LH ASUS MediaTek WLAN Driver as well as the ASUS Android ADB Interface Driver.


You can also see what hardware you have in your computer such as the WLAN card. This is the FX506LU WLAN driver from ASUS and the TUF driver version for ROG. The FX506LU is a chipset from MediaTek and you can also look for a driver for the chipset if you are not using ASUS hardware but this driver should also cover that. See other drivers on this website for your TUF hardware which might be on your computer and see if there are other drivers for you as well. This is only the WLAN card in your machine. There are other components on this website. Use the search function on the side bar for more information. Likewise see also the FX706LU ASUS TUF WLAN driver as well as the FX506LH ASUS TUF WLAN Driver.

See also  FX516PC ASUS Dash WLAN Driver


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