The FA506QR ASUS WLAN driver is listed below. This is a Windows 10 driver which is a 64bit system. This is a driver which was released in December 2021 and works on the ASUS TUF gaming network cards. The cards are made using MediaTek chipsets and the driver below will work on it. Search this website for more details on other MediaTek and ROG drivers.


This is driver version of the FA506QR ASUS WLAN driver which is a Windows 10 driver. You will note that the FA506QR ASUS WLAN Driverhardware is a FA506QR network card made by MediaTek. You will need to ensure that you have the correct hardware and software. Also you can see how to check your driver version and hardware in your computer with the device manager. This driver will work on other WLAN or network cards from ASUS and TUF gaming as well.

If you want to see your driver version or you want to see your hardware. Also then right-click on the Windows button on the left bottom side of your screen. Then click on the device manager which you can now see.

Once you click on device manager you will see the device manager will show you the network card. This is under the network adapter in the software. Then right click on the device and see what software version it is using. Do not confuse the FA506QR with the FA506QM or the FA506IC router or FA706QM router.

Normally Windows will allow you to install the new driver over the older driver. This would be normal as the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 wireless driver or ASUS TUF gaming A15 WLAN driver below will do all of this for you. Note that this website also has driver for other device. These include the FT232R USB UART as well as the older driver for the WD SES device usb device from Western Digital with its WD SES error code on this website. See also the BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver as well as the BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver for more details.

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