This is the FX706LU ASUS TUF WLAN driver that is a 64 bit Windows 10 driver for your WLAN from MediaTek. This is very easy to install as you only need to extract the zip file and then click on the file inside for the driver to install. This driver was released in December 2021 with version which is the latest driver at present.


FX706LU ASUS TUF WLAN DriverThe installation of the WLAN driver is easy enough. If you have had a driver but is not functioning then uninstall the driver and reboot the computer. Windows will search for a driver. Install the driver then which will update the driver. The alternative root is simply to install this driver over the current one. This is what most people do.

Check your driver version number. You can do this by clicking onto the device manager and then right click on the device which is the ROG WLAN driver and it will tell you what the version number is of the WLAN driver. See this again the current driver on this website to ensure that you are up to date. See also the csr bluetooth driver on here.

The driver is version for the FX706LU ASUS TUF WLAN driver. You can search this website for other similar WLAN drivers for the ROG range of products.

driver download


You can search this website for more drivers in the AUS TUF Gaming line. Always check the version numbers on your software before you try and update the drivers. This is a small 5mb file and very easy to install with a silent install where you simply click the file and allow the driver to be installed.

If you are having issues with the install then always check that there is no software corruption such as a corrupted driver which would first need to be uninstalled. See the rest of the website for more information. You can also see other driver son this website such as the Prolific USB to serial driver and the CP2102 driver on the website here.


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