Optiplex 3030 Intel 8260 Bluetooth Driver

Computer DriverDownload the Optiplex 3030 Intel 8260 Bluetooth Driver. This is the Intel 8260/7265/3165/7260 Bluetooth Driver for the Optiplex 3030 computer. Note that there is also the Optiplex 3030 audio driverOptiplex 3030 network card as well as the Optiplex 3030 WiFi driver also listed on this website. You can search this website for more information and assistance with regards to this computer. Note that there are other Dell products which also use this driver as it has the same Intel Bluetooth driver. You can see this also listed below with the driver and operating systems which can use this driver.

Optiplex 3030 Intel 8260 Bluetooth Driver

The following operating systems will work with this driver. You will also note the date of release as this was the last driver released for this computer:

Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10, 64-bit

Last Updated : 16 Aug 2016

Version : 18.1.1611.3223, A11
The following hardware from Intel being the Bluetooth hardware is the following :
  • Intel 7260 Bluetooth
  • Intel 8260 Bluetooth
  • Intel Bluetooth 3165
  • Intel Bluetooth 7265/3165
You will note that the Intel versions of the hardware ranges from the Intel 7260 Bluetooth as well as the Intel 8260 Bluetooth and the Intel 3165 Bluetooth. There is also the Intel Bluetooth 7265 as well as the Intel 3165 Bluetooth hardware. These hardware versions are all covered by this driver. See also the Intel Android USB Driver as well as the Dell Optiplex 755 SoundMAX Driver.

Hardware Intel 8260 Bluetooth Driver 

The above computers all use the same Intel Bluetooth driver. You can download the driver below and open the zip file when the download is complete. You will then need to open the file and click on the file inside and from there you will need to either install the driver or it will extract the driver file to the Dell directory of the C:\ drive. If it does not install then you can always check the Dell directory which is would have created on the C:\ driver and enter the directory and click on the install file. It only takes a minute to install the Intel Bluetooth driver on your computer.Likewise see the Optiplex 3030 Intel 7260 WiFi Driver as well as the article on the Optiplex 3030 Realtek High-Definition Driver.
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Optiplex 3030 Intel 8260 Bluetooth Driver