Samsung QL6100 USB Port driver

Samsung QL6100 USB Port driver

Download the Samsung QL6100 USB Port driver here. This is the port monitor for the Samsung QL6100 USB device. check your hardware before you install this driver to ensure that you have the correct hardware and driver combination. The hardware ID has been listed below. If you are looking at more Samsung drivers then see the Samsung directory listed Samsung.

Samsung QL6100 USB Port driver

This is not an INF driver bit a standard EXE file. You are going to need to download the file below and extract the content. When done you will then need to click on the file for the driver to install. This driver is for the Samsung ML-6100 which has been described as a USB Port Monitor. The driver installation process is not like the SCX 3405fw driver or the Samsung clp 300 driver but more like the Samsung usb driver for mobile phones which is also on this website.

Samsung QL6100This driver will work on a Windows XP as well as a Windows 7 system. If you are trying to run this on a Windows 10 system then it must be run in emulation mode. Download the zip file below and extract the EXE file inside.

Installing the Samsung QL6100 USB driver 

Now you will need to right-click on the EXE file (not left-click) and then click on “troubleshoot compatibility” in the menu near the top. Windows will then try and install the driver using an older system to make it work in Windows 10.You can see this in the graphic above as to what you will need to see when you right-click on the EXE file. From there Windows 10 will try different options to make the driver work for the Samsung.

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The USB\VID_0419&PID_3000 code is a unique identifier for a specific USB device. The “VID” portion (Vendor ID) indicates the manufacturer of the device, and the “PID” portion (Product ID) specifies the particular product or model.

  • VID_0419 corresponds to the vendor code for Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.
  • PID_3000 is the product code assigned to a specific device or model manufactured by Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

To identify the exact device associated with this code, it’s necessary to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, website, or support resources.

This is the only way to run old hardware and software on the newer operating systems. See the rest of this website for more details on other driver options from Samsung. See also the Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver on this website. This as well as the Samsung USB Driver and Samsung ML4600 USB driver.


Samsung QL6100 USB driver