Samsung ML4600 USB driver

Samsung ML4600 USB driverDownload the Samsung ml 4600 or Samsung ML4600 USB driver below. The USB driver for the Samsung ML4600 is listed below and it is a small file. Uninstall the last driver you had before you install the new one. There are a number of Samsung USB drivers on this website. Note also that the driver file states – Printer Drivers for PCL 6, DOSRCP, USB.

Samsung ML4600 USB driver

Once you download the zip file there is an EXE file inside. If it does not install on its own. Then find the directory where Windows extracted it to. This is normally the directory called “ML4600eng_USB”. Now click on this directory and then look for the INF file. This INF installation is similar to the installation instructions for the hidclass driver as well as the Samsung NP-X25DOCK Bluetooth driver. These are all from Samsung. You will now see the directory as shown in the picture.

Samsung ML4600 USB driver

You need to find the file that says “SSUSB.INF. This is near or close to the bottom of the directory. You will now need to right-click on the file and then click on “install” when the new memnu pops up. The OS will then install the driver. This is a barebones driver without any software. Windows 7 ow Windows 10 will then tell you that it found new hardware. You will then need to reboot your computer for it to take full effect. Not the same as the Samsung ml 1915 driver as well as the Samsung USB Driver.

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Hardware ID

The USB\VID_04E8&PID_3004 code corresponds to a specific USB device. In this case:

  • VID_04E8 represents the Vendor ID, which belongs to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • PID_3004 is the Product ID, indicating a particular product or model manufactured by Samsung

To identify the exact device associated with this code, you can refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, website, or support resources provided by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. These sources typically contain detailed information about their products, allowing you to determine the specific device represented by the given Vendor ID and Product ID combination. This is similar to the Samsung QL6100 USB Port driver.

The samsung ml 4600 is easy to install as you can see. This hardware is very old. From my calculations its about 8 years old and mainly on the second hand market. Its very difficult to find drivers for hardware that is no longer available. Most of the drivers on this website are for hardware, mainly Windows XP that are still out there. Some with the INF files like this one you can still attempt to run it on a Windows 10 machine. There is also the Samsung Universal Print Driver on here as well as the Samsung Android USB Device Driver.


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Samsung ML4600 driver

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