Samsung ML-1915 Printer Driver

USB DriverThe Samsung ML-1915 Printer Driver version 3.10.49:15 was the last driver released for this device. You can download the driver below and the driver runs on a number of operating system. You can install this driver on your computer and being the last as it was released in March 2016.

Samsung ML-1915 Printer Driver

The following operating systems will run this driver so check your operating system:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP 32bit/64bit

Also the older:

  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista 32bit/64bit

Which also covers the:

  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 7 32bit/64bit

You should check your hardware to ensure that you have the correct hardware. Then check your operating system to see if it will work on your computer. When you install this driver you will need to download the file and install the driver. If you have an older driver or no driver then you can install this without an issue. If you already have this driver install and it is the same version then it will not install the driver and will tell you that the current driver is the newest. Not much easier than that.

There are a number of other Samsung drivers on this website. This starts with hardware ID’s such as the well known Samsung code being the usb\vid_04e8&pid_6860&rev_0400&ms_comp_mtp&samsung_android ID. There is also the Samsung android driver is unavailable error. These are the errors as well as the hardware ID codes for the most common Samsung hardware. There is also the Samsung usb driver for mobile phones which is a Samsung USB driver. This is what you can expect from the Samsung products.


Samsung ML-1915 Printer Driver (32bit)

Samsung ML-1915 Printer Driver (64bit)


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