SMC 2206 USB Ethernet driver

SMC 2206 USB Ethernet driverDownload the SMC 2206 USB Ethernet driver here. The SMC 2206 is another USB to Ethernet convertor. The internal ID shows that this convertor is listed as  a “EZ Connect USB to Dual Speed Ethernet Converter”. Note there are a number of SMC USB Convertors such as the SMC 2208 and also the SMC 2209. Ensure that you have the correct hardware before you install this driver for the SMC 2206 USB driver.

SMC 2206 USB Ethernet driver

The smc2206usb/eth driver is what you will find below. Thes USB to Dual-Speed Ethernet Compact Converter has the following internal listing which is the “SMC2206USB/ETH Driver Diskette” as you will see. The INF file will read this is the well known “EZ Connect USB/Ethernet Series Converter” or “EZ Connect USB to Dual Speed Ethernet Converter” as well.

The driver was originally made for Windows 98, Windows XP as well as the Windows 2000 operating system. When you install the driver you will need to check if there is a driver installed already. This is how to complete this task:

1. Right-click on ‘My Computer’
2. Click ‘Properties’
3. Select the ‘Device Manager’ tab
4. If ‘Universal serial bus controller’ is not listed: USB is not installed on your machine

SMC 2206 USB Ethernet driverFirstly download the ZIP file and then extract the files inside the ZIP file. You will need to click on the Windows XP directory and then find the file inside this. You will see the file called the “SMCUSB.inf”. Now you will need to right-click on the INF file and then click on “Install” on the new menu.

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From there Windows 7 and Windows 10 will then install the driver for you. Windows will show that it has found new hardware. You might need to reboot your computer after this. The device will now work and you can connect the device and see if it is identified. You can see other device from SMC such as the SMC EZ Networking Compact 10/100 USB as well as SMC 2208 USB – ETH Adapter as well as the USB to Serial Driver. This is the complete explanation of the SMC 2206 USB Ethernet driver.


.driver download

SMC 2206 USB driver



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