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TL-WN722N Troubleshooting

USB DriverThe TL-WN722N troubleshooting guide as well as the TL-WN722N driver has also been added below. You will find the most common problems with the TL-WN722N which is a wireless adapter from TP Link. See which could be your problem if you are not connecting to the internet or to a device within your range. the indoor range with the TL-WN722N  is not that far and you may need a repeater to extend the range when indoors in a large house.

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Sweex Wireless 54g Adapter USB WinXP

BluetoothThe Sweex wireless adapter below is a USB adpater from Sweex which is a wireless 54g adpater. You can also see the Sweex LWO53 wireless adapter also on this website. You can find the file below which you can download and install. Note that this USB adpater has a 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP/AES, 802.1x security features. Note also that this is for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista as well as Windows 7.

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Dell Inspiron 15R SE Wireless + Bluetooth Driver

USB DriverThe Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 Wireless 1703/1705/1901 and Bluetooth Driver 10 for Windows 10 is mainly using the same hardware as other Dell computers as can be seen here and here. You can download the file below and it is a large 90MB file so if you are bandwidth restricted then check your hardware first as this was the last driver released for the Dell in 2015. This driver software will work on a number of other adapters as can be seen below.

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Dell Inspiron M531R Wireless + Bluetooth Driver

USB DriverThis is a Windows driver for the Dell Inspiron M531R 5535 Wireless 1703/1705/1901 Bluetooth Driver 10. You can find the file down below for download. You can install the driver over the older driver which you may have however this is an older driver from 2015. There had not been any other updates since then for the driver. You can search this website for a later generic driver for both Bluetooth and Wireless.

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Dell Inspiron M731R Wireless + Bluetooth Driver

USB DriverThe driver below is a standard non-Cab file driver for the Dell Inspiron M731R 5735 Wireless 1703/1705/1901 Bluetooth Driver 10.0 for Windows 10. This driver file is large and comes as a 90MB download. Much like other Dell products the updater is very easy to use and you can also open the Zip file and simply click on the update file which will install and update your drivers. Note that these drivers had been released in 2015.

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Intel Bluetooth PRO Set/Wireless Driver

USB DriverNote that this is the latest Intel Bluetooth PRO driver being version 19.0.1607. This driver was released in October 2016. Note also that this driver works on a number of different Intel products. These products are listed below as the Intel Bluetooth Pro wireless driver has been used on a number of other device which they have sold over the years.

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Longshine LCS-8131R Wireless

Longshine LCS-8131R WirelessThe Longshine LCS-8131R Wireless adapter driver uses what is called the “ZyDAS ZD1201 802.11b Wireless LAN” which is int he inside of the driver file. note that this driver will not work on any of the other Longshine products even though this is the “R” version for the adapter. See the rest of this website for other version of the Longshine wireless adapter.

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Longshine LCS-8131B Wireless

Longshine LCS-8131B WirelessThe Longshine LCS-8131B Wireless adapter dirver is below and is almost the same as the Memorex CD-RW 4206 driver which has also been listed on this website. You will note that this is the “B” version of the adapter and you need to check if you have the A or the B version of the Longshine wireless adapter. The internal ID for this adapter shows as “Access Point USB Device Driver” and nothing more.

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Longshine LCS-8131A driver

Longshine LCS-8131A driverThis is the adapter driver for the Longshine LCS-8131A wireless adapter. This USB Wireless Adapter lets you set up easily and operate a Wireless LAN compliant with 802.11 Standard. It operates in the license free 2.4 GHz ISM band and achieves a peak data rate of 11 Mbs.” Note its internal display name only shows USB Wireless Adapter and nothing else.

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