TL-WN722N Troubleshooting

USB DriverThe TL-WN722N troubleshooting guide as well as the TL-WN722N driver has also been added below. You will find the most common problems with the TL-WN722N which is a wireless adapter from TP Link. See which could be your problem if you are not connecting to the internet or to a device within your range. the indoor range with the TL-WN722N  is not that far and you may need a repeater to extend the range when indoors in a large house.

TL-WN722N Troubleshooting

Problems during the driver installation of the TP-Link adapter

You will first to ensure that the wireless adpater has been recognised by your computer. You will need to check in your Windows Device Manager and ensure that it does not show an error.

driver tp link tl-wn722n

If there is an error then uninstall the driver, unplug the wireless adpater and then reboot the computer.

TL-WN722N troubleshooting

When it starts then plugin the Link tl-wn722n once it has started and see if it install again or asks for the driver tp link tl-wn722n. You will note when there is an error that it will show under “other devices” with an exclamation mark next to it.


How to improve the speed on TP-Link?

Firstly try and change the position of the antennae’s on the router. This does help or you could change the location of the router. Most times you will place the router in the middle of the house or where you will use the router the most. You can also add a repeater from TP Link which simply plugs into the wall. This will extend the range. See the TP Link range extender. If this does not work then try the next step.

Secondly look around and see if there are other devices that are also using 2.4GHz. They might be affecting your connection as they might all be using the same channel. Different wireless channels will have different performance.Thinks that use minimal WiFi you might consider changing these to lower channels. When you have channel crowing it becomes a problem especially if you live in a condominium as everyone will be having WiFi and they might all be using the same wireless channel. Change this on your computer as there are usually WiFi Mode, Channel Selection, and Channel Mode.

How to Change the WiFi Channel on Your Router

You will note that the 2.4 GHz band which are channels 1, 6, and 11 are normally the best as they don’t overlap with each other. When it comes to the 5 GHz band you have far more choice as there are 24 non-overlapping channels for this range. Log into your TP router and then choose a channel and then check if you are getting better speed. Most times it has been set to auto which you can change manually and test again. You can then test the speed with the NetSpot app if you wish to test it further.

How to Change the WiFi Channel on Your Router


The Driver of the Adapter

Check to see if you have the latest driver. You will however see that there is a version 1 as well as the version 2. You can see the driver tp link tl-wn722n which is also on this website. You will also note that there are both versions on there. The 3rd version is the latest version which might be better than the first option.



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