If you see the following hardware ID as USB\VID_0A5C&PID_640E or USB\VID_0A5C&PID_6413 then see below. The hardware IDs provided correspond to various Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules used in Lenovo laptops, manufactured by Broadcom.


Likewise note also that there are the USB\VID_0A5C&PID_640E as well as the USB\VID_0A5C&PID_6413. The hardware with the USB ID USB\VID_0A5C&PID_640E is the Lenovo 4356 NGFF combo, a module designed to provide Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Manufactured by Broadcom, this device enables users to connect to wireless networks and peripherals. Lastly also see the BGM220 Bluetooth Modules as well as the USB\VID_105B&PID_E065 on here.


  1. USB\VID_0A5C&PID_640E: This ID denotes the Lenovo 4356 NGFF combo, indicating a Broadcom Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module.
  2. USB\VID_0A5C&PID_6414: Likewise, this ID refers to the Lenovo 4350C5 Bluetooth module, likely employed for Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. USB\VID_0A5C&PID_6413: Similarly, this hardware ID represents the Broadcom Generic 4350C5, possibly another Bluetooth module used in Lenovo laptops.
  4. USB\VID_0A5C&PID_6412: Additionally, this ID likely signifies the DW1820 Wi-Fi module utilized in Lenovo laptops for wireless network connectivity.


Additional Hardware

The Vendor ID (VID) 0A5C corresponds to Broadcom Corporation, while the Product IDs (PIDs) 640E, 6414, 6413, 6412 denote specific product variants. These modules enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionalities, facilitating wireless communication and networking capabilities in Lenovo laptop. Likewise see also the USB\VID_13D3&PID_3484 amongst others. Lastly also see the usb\vid_0403&pid_6001&rev_0600 as well as the USB\VID_04F2&PID_B4A2.


driver download

Download USB\VID_0A5C&PID_640E

Download Samsung Android USB Driver


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