USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver for Windows 7

USB DriverDownload the USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver for Windows 7 here. The  USB 2.0 PC Camera came with the Lenovo range of computers. See the USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver listed below. You would find the camera in their  ThinkCentre M70z as well as on the M90z which used the same camera. The driver for the USB 2 camera has been added below in both the 32bit version as well as the 64 bit version of the software.

USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver for Windows 7

If you have another setup then you can also see the article on rs232 to usb for more information. This driver was the last driver released in 2011.

USB 2.0 PC Camera

This is the USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver for ThinkCentre M70z, M90z. The operating systems for the camera has been listed as :

  • Windows 7 (32-bit & 64bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-Bit & 64bit)
  • Windows XP (32-bit)

USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver 

The USB 2.0 camera equipment you do not find any longer. The above is a generic driver for a USB 2.0 camera is from Lenovo. This following are the last drivers for the old USB 2.0 PC camera driver that you can find. These are from a number of vendors however they might work on other cameras that are not part of that brand. See also the Chicony USB 2.0 Camera Driver as well as the Genius Eye 312 Driver and VIMICRO USB PC Camera 301PLH Driver.


USB 2.0 Camera Software

Lenovo USB 2.0 UVC Camera

The driver will install the USB 2.0 driver from the Lenovo UVC camera. This works on Lenovo H330 desktop systems running Windows 7 32bit or Windows 7 64bit. Open the Winzip file and then click on the exe file to install the driver on your computer.

Hardware ID

Vimicro Lenovo MultiTouch Component (Provided by Sunny Optical)
Vimicro Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera
Vimicro Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera
Vimicro Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera

Lenovo Bright Eye PC Camera


USB 2.0 PC camera (Bison) driver

The Bison USB 2.0 camera, once a Lenovo product, has been phased out due to declining market share of USB 2.0 cameras. Originally compatible with Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), these drivers can still be used on Windows 10 through compatibility mode. For more USB 2.0 PC camera driver options, you can explore this website further.

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Hardware ID

Bison Electronics Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
Bison Electronics BisonCam
Bison Electronics BisonCam, NB Pro
Bison Electronics Lenovo Easy Camera
Bison Electronics BisonCam

Bison USB 2.0 Camera


a4Tech USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver


This driver is intended for the A4 TECH USB2.0 PC Camera J. To install it, you’ll need to use the provided inf file from the zip archive. It’s worth noting that this is quite an old driver, so follow the instructions for the installation process.

The USB 2.0 camera was originally developed by Z-Star Microelectronics Corp in 2009 and remains popular among Windows XP users. Here’s how to install it:

  1. Download the file and extract the contents to a directory.
  2. In the directory, locate the file “A4_TECH_USB2.0_PC_Camera_J_(Interface_0).inf”.
  3. Right-click on this file and select “Install” from the menu.
  4. The driver will then be installed on your computer.

Please be aware that this driver is designed for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. However, it may not be compatible with Windows 10, as it was released back in 2009, nearly 13 years ago.

Note that there is no a4tech usb 2.0 camera software but only the bare .inf driver. I seriously doubt you can find the software this long back. Much like most drivers on this website, the software is usually no longer available but only the driver or a bare.inf driver file.


Hardware ID

A4 TECH USB2.0 PC Camera J

A4Tech USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver


 DSY-WC310 Webcam

The DSY-WC310 webcam shows “USB20 Camera”.  Run this driver in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and Windows 10. This is also the driver for the  Sohoo 8.0 camera.


Hardware ID

Foxlink ASUS Mobile Vision Camera W5-F02
Foxlink USB2.0 PC Camera (SN9C201)
Genius i-Look 325T
Genius Look 1320 V2
Genius Look 1321
Genius Slim 13201
Sonix Technology ASUS Webcam, 1.3M, USB2.0, FF
Sonix Technology Conceptronic Lounge’n’LOOK Series Webcam
Sonix Technology Digital Viewer
Sonix Technology Hama Webcam Metal Pro
Sonix Technology Inca IC-3562 USB2.0 Camera
Sonix Technology USB2.0 1.3M Webcam
Sonix Technology USB2.0 PC Camera (SN9C201)
Sonix Technology USB20 PC Camera-268
Trust Webcam 14830
Trust Webcam 15007
USRobotics USB Mini Webcam

DSY-WC310 Webcam Driver


Mars MR97110

This is the USB PC Camera Maker which uses the Hardware ID USB\VID_093a&PID_0007. These are older cameras. Likewise this includes the hardware which used to be called PC160 (SC612R) as well as the BTC-P100 and the ZOOM 1592. Additionally also the CVC1100. So if you have an old Mars cam then this was the last driver. Run it in compatibility mode for newer operating systems.


Hardware ID

Mars MR97110

Mars MR97110 Driver


Cam Maestro 

This is the old CamMaestro driver for the old PC120/160S as well as the PC180/PC190. This was from the old BTC camera range in 2012 when they where on the market. See which driver will work on Windows 7 and Windows 10. Else install the camera driver in compatibility mode.

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Cam Maestro Driver


SC630 Camera 

This is another BTC camera driver for the PC360(SC630) as well as the BTC-P330. This is installation information of NW801, NW802 digital cameras. Likewise this is for the CMOS 330K Rev. 2.19F with the Hardware ID of USB\VID_06a5&PID_D001 as you can see.


Hardware ID

Divio NoteCam Pro USB PC Camera

SC630 Camera Driver


PC Camera

Both the PC370 (PVT730M) and the ZOOM1598 camera models utilized these drivers. Specifically, these drivers belong to the 2012 BTC camera range. Remarkably, many of these cameras are still available in the second-hand market. Additionally, devices like the OmniVision USB audio device, OV518Plus from 2000, OmniVision USB Microphone, and PC CAMERA HUB Rev M2.01 are compatible. You can identify these devices through their Hardware ID: USB\VID_05A9&PID_A518.


Hardware ID

OmniVision VGA USB Camera (2120)1

PC Camera Driver



This camere from BTC used the CamMaestro 4.7EU build 21.

PC380 Driver



This was the drivers for the PC320 as well as the PC380S/390/390P camera from BTC.

PC320 Driver


Realtek Generic USB 2.0 Software Driver

This generic driver supports USB 2.0 cameras utilizing a Realtek chipset. Explore the USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver for Windows 7 here for compatibility. These drivers cater to a wide range of camera equipment, often found in diverse webcam models. Please note, this driver is specifically designed for Windows 10 64-bit systems. However, be aware that it might not unlock all the features your camera potentially possesses. Here are some of the webcam models compatible with these drivers:

Hardware ID

Camera Name USB Identifier (VID & PID)
Realtek USB 2.0 Camera USB\VID_064E&PID_E202
Realtek USB 2.0 Camera USB\VID_064E&PID_E20A
Realtek USB 2.0 Camera USB\VID_064E&PID_E211
Realtek USB 2.0 UVC 0.3M Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E221
Realtek USB 2.0 Camera USB\VID_064E&PID_E21C
Realtek USB Video USB\VID_064E&PID_E21C
Realtek USB 2.0 Camera USB\VID_064E&PID_E232
Realtek USB 2.0 UVC 1.3M Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E232
Alcor Micro 1.3M HD Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E260&MI_00
Alcor Micro BisonCam. NB Pro USB\VID_064E&PID_E260
Realtek 1.3M Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E260
Realtek 1.3M Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E262
Realtek 1.3M Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E264
Realtek 2M Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E270
Realtek USB Video USB\VID_064E&PID_E288
Realtek Lenovo EasyCamera USB\VID_064E&PID_E290
Realtek USB Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E300
Realtek LG Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E310
Realtek 1.3M HD Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E331
Realtek Integrated Camera USB\VID_064E&PID_E340
Realtek HD Webcam USB\VID_064E&PID_E350


  • USB2.0 UVC 2M WebCam
  • USB2.0 UVC 1.3M WebCam
  • USB2.0 UVC 1M HD WebCam


Brands (Realtek USB2.0 Camera Chipset)


Realtek USB2.0 PC Camera Bison Imaging Device
Lenovo EasyCamera LG Webcam
Bison USB Camera Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera
AzureWare Bison FJ Camera
Bison Integrated Camera Chicony HP HD Webcam
HP HD Webcam Chicony Imaging Device
Chicony Integrated Camera Hercules HD Twist
Foxlink FJ Camera Dmax
Foxlink USB2.0 Camera Lite-On HP Webcam-101
Foxlink USB2.0 UVC Webcam Lite-On HP HD Webcam
Lite-On Integrated Camera WebCam SCB-0310L
Lite-On WebCam SCB-0310L Foxlink HP Webcam Driver
Suyin USB 2.0 Camera Suyin HD Webcam


driver download

Realtek USB 2.0 Camera Driver


See VIMICRO USB PC Camera and Inspiron 15 5559 Webcam and usb\vid_0c45&pid_602c&rev_0101.


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