USB DriverThe string USB\VID_105B&PID_E065 functions as a Hardware ID to uniquely identify a particular device. Breaking down its components, the term USB indicates the utilization of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. The Vendor ID (VID), denoted as VID_105B, serves as the identifier for the manufacturer, corresponding to Broadcom Corporation.


Additionally, the Product ID (PID), identified as PID_E065, is assigned by the manufacturer to distinguish the specific device, with E065 representing the product ID.

Referring to the term LenovoChina 43142A0 combo, it likely denotes a specific device model with multifunctional capabilities, commonly referred to as a “combo.” In this context, “combo” implies that the device integrates multiple functionalities. For instance, a WiFi-Bluetooth combo card can effectively handle both WiFi and Bluetooth signals. Likewise see also the USB\VID_105B&PID_E065 as well as the cp2103 usb to uart bridge controller driver driver.



Among the computer models including this device are various Lenovo notebooks, including but not limited to Lenovo B480, B580, V480, V480c, V580, V580c, Lenovo B475e, B575e, Lenovo M490, M495, Lenovo V480s, ThinkPad Edge E330, E335, ThinkPad L330, Zhaoyang K29, K49, E49, and Lenovo E49.

Furthermore, the device includes the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 chipset, extensively utilized in various devices, ranging from USB dongle adapters to a diverse array of laptops. Likewise see also the vostro 1540 drivers on here.

Among the computer models incorporating this device are various Lenovo notebooks. Likewise, including but not limited to Lenovo B, V, and E series. It’s crucial to note that the information provided is accurate as of my last update in 2021. For the latest and most specific details. It is best to refer to the manufacturer’s official website or directly contact their support. Lastly also see the usb\vid_0fce&pid_adde&rev_0100 as well as the keysight gpib driver.

See also  USB\VID_04F2&PID_B4A2


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