WD SES Error Code 28

USB DriverThere is a pretty common error with the WD SES driver which you can find on this website. Error 28 on the WD SES device is because the driver has not been installed correctly with the WD My Passport Essential. This happens with Windows updates and you will need to uninstall the current driver as well as remove the WD USB SES device from your computer. Restart and follow the instructions below.

WD SES Error Code 28

After a Windows update at times it will place the WD SES device into the unknown device list in your device manager.

  • You will need to first Right Click on My Computer;
  • Then you must Select Manage.
  • Then you will see the new screen;
  • Now Select Device Manager and look for the WD SES driver with yellow mark,
  • Now Right Click on it, and select Update drivers.
  • Now select WD Smartware and then select WD SES drivers under Extras.

You can also find the same type of error with WD SES driver error as well as the WD SES driver on this website.


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