WD SES Error Code 31

USB DriverThis is the WD SES Error Code 31. If your Western Digital SES device is giving you an error then you should consider following the checklist below for more assistance as this error is rather common. There is an easy fix and you can do this in under 10 minutes and not receive this error again. The errors normally occur after Windows has run an update and this most times is what is giving your the error 31 in your device manager panel. You can also find the WD SES driver on this website.

WD SES Error Code 31

The following error is very common so follow the instruction for your WD SES device.

WD SES Error Code 31

After a Windows update at times it will place the WD SES device into the unknown device list in your device manager.

  • First you will need to Right Click on My Computer/Computer;
  • Now you must Select Manage.
  • Once you see the new screen you must;
  • Select Device Manager and look for the WD SES driver with yellow mark,
  • Now Right Click on it, and select Update drivers.
  • Now select WD Smartware and then select WD SES drivers under Extras.


You can also uninstall the driver and install the driver again. See the link called wd ses device usb device or wd ses device usb device driver for the driver file which is also listed on this website. There is both the 32 bit SES driver as well as a 64bit driver for Windows. There is also the WD SES Error Code 28 which is also explained on this website. Note that there is also the WD SES Device USB Driver Error which is also explained on here so you can now see all the possible erro codes you will get from the SES drive. You will also see the other errors which will show how to diagnose the WD SES errors.



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