Xperia A2 driver

USB DriverThe Xperia A2 driver below is the last driver released in June 2014. You can download the drivers below for the Xperia A2 mobile phone (Microsoft Windows XP 32bit/64bit and later is supported). Use these drivers listed below for debugging or if you erased it from your mobile phone.

Xperia A2 driver

This is the phone drivers for Xperia A2 (Microsoft Windows XP 32bit/64bit and later). Use drivers for debugging, or when erased from phone. See also the Sony Xperia Z1 USB driver as well as the Xperia Z1 driver and finally the Sony Xperia ZL2 driver. There is also the Xperia PC Companion on this website. The Xperia A2 was not a very popular mobile phone from Sony and was not as popular as the Xperia T2 Ultra mobile phone or the Xperia Z2 from Sony. The driver above will run on Windows XP and would also be able to run on Windows 7. You can search this website for more details and drivers in the Sony range of products.

Installing Sony Xperia A2 driver

This is an INF install for the Xperia A2. Download the file below and then extract the content. There are two INF setup files. The one is the Sony sa0109 ADB Interface driver and the other is the Sony sa0109 Remote NDIS based Device. See the picture below and you will see the two files. You will need to right-click on the INF file and then click on ‘install’ on the new menu. Windows will then install the Xperia A2 driver after it stats that it has found new hardware. You will need to restart your computer and connect your phone to the USB port after this.

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Xperia A2 driver

You will notice that it is the two last files which you will need to right-click on and then click on ‘install’ to install the driver. If you are also looking at a UART then see the f232r usb uart driver on here as well.


Download Xperia A2 driver


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