Driver Xperia Z1 (SOL23) Driver

USB DriverNote that there are a number of Sony Xperia Z1 options as listed on this website. This Xperia mobile phone driver for Xperia Z1 (SOL23) is for a (Microsoft Windows XP 32bit/64bit and later) operating system. You can use the mobile phone drivers for debugging, or when it has been erased from the phone.

Driver Xperia Z1 (SOL23) Driver

Note that there is also the Sony Xperia Z Ultra as well as the Sony Xperia Z1 (L39h) and the Xperia Z Ultra HSPA and the Sony Xperia Z USB mobile phone driver. You can also see the bluetooth dongle driver which uses a similar install method. Much like other drivers on here. This is also an INF installation. There are two INF files in here such as the sa0109adb.inf which is an INF Sony sa0109 ADB interface driver file. There is also the sa0109rndis.inf which is the Sony sa0109 RNDIS interface driver INF file.

Installing the Driver Xperia Z1 SOL23

Download the zip file and then extract the files inside. There are two INF files as explained below. You will need to right-click on the INF file and the click on install. The driver will then install on the computer and Windows 7 as well as Windows 10 will start to install the driver. You will need to reboot your computer when it is done. Search this website for more information on installation with an INF file. You can also find the Xperia companion on this website.

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You can then connect your phone to your computer with a USB connector and then see your phone on your computer. With this you will be able to make a backup of your mobile phone on your computer. Use the search bar on the side to find this on this website which will work on all the operating systems.


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Driver Xperia Z1 Driver


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