XPS One 2720 Realtek Audio Driver

Computer DriverDownload the XPS One 2720 Realtek Audio Driver here. The Realtek audio hardware in the XPS One 2720 has been used in a number of other computers and pretty much comes standard today in most home computers. The Realtek Audio High Definition hardware all use the same driver software. This same hardware used in the XPS One 2720 computer has also been used in the  Vostro 5450 as an audio card as well as the Vostro 5480 audio card setup. This is a very popular piece of audio hardware in computers today.

XPS One 2720 Realtek Audio Driver 

The XPS One 2720 computer comes with the Realtek Audion High Definition Audio card and the software is listed below. xps one 2720You will also not that this is a Windows 10 driver for a 64bit system. The driver was updated in January 2017 and it is the latest driver for this model of computer. Note that this is version, A03 so check your software version first before you download the file. See also the rtl8153 on here.

Once you download the file you should open the file and then proceed to click on the file inside which will then install the driver on your computer or it will extract the files to the C:\ drive on your computer. You will then need to check the Dell directory where you will find the files. Click on the install file in this directory and the driver will then install the audio driver for the Realtek audio high definition hardware. You can use the search baron the side and look for other drivers or versions as well. The Realtek audio driver mainly the XP 2720 was very popular in its day. Many mainstream brands used it while it lasted. This was also as popular as the rtl8111gr driver which is also on this website.

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Getting drivers for your Dell XPS One 2720 is a breeze! The official Dell website is your go-to place, offering the newest drivers, firmware, and software for your device. But hey, if you fancy exploring other websites for drivers, manuals, firmware, and BIOS for your XPS One 2720, that’s cool too. Just remember to stick to trusted sources to keep your device safe and running smoothly. See also the Dell Studio XPS 435 MT CAB-200 Bluetooth Driver.


How do I install the drivers?

Ready to install drivers for your Dell XPS One 2720? Easy peasy! Just follow these steps:

Head to Dell’s Place

  • First up, visit the official Dell website. It’s your driver headquarters.

Find the Goodies

  • Go to the “Support” section and click on “Drivers & Downloads.” That’s where the magic happens.

Name Drop

  • Type in your device’s name, which is “XPS One 2720,” in the search bar. Let the website work its techy magic.

Pick and Click

  • The site will show you a list of all the cool drivers available. Find the one you need and hit download. Just be sure it matches your operating system.

Get the Goods

  • Once it’s downloaded, find the file in your Downloads folder. Give it a double-click to start the installer.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Almost

  • The installation wizard will pop up. Follow the prompts – agree to the terms and maybe enter your computer password.

Ta-Da! Restart Time

  • When it’s all done, restart your computer. That’s when the magic takes full effect.

Remember: Backup Before You Leap

  • Quick reminder: always back up your stuff before doing big changes, like installing new drivers. Better safe than sorry.
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Trouble in Tech Land? Help’s a Click Away

  • If things get wonky during the installation, don’t stress. Dell’s got your back with a superhero team called customer support.

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How do I check if my drivers are up to date?

Wanna make sure your computer is running on the latest and greatest? Easy peasy. Here’s how:

Checking with Windows Magic:

  • First off, press the Windows + X keys, then hit up the Device Manager. It’s like your computer’s backstage pass.
  • Open up the list of drivers like you’re exploring a treasure map.
  • Right-click on a driver, pick “Update Driver,” and hit “Search automatically for drivers.” Boom! Your driver gets a snazzy update.

Dell’s Official Check:

  • If you’re feeling fancy, swing by Dell’s official website. You can either type in your device details or let Dell do its detective work.
  • Dell releases these cool update packages that bring security patches and the latest features to the party.

A Word of Warning:

  • Quick heads up – getting your drivers from Dell is like hitting up the official merchandise store. But if you wander into random websites for your driver fixes, it’s like going off the beaten path in the jungle.
  • Downloading from unknown spots might mess with your computer’s vibe. Worst-case scenario? Your computer might just decide to take a nap and not wake up, or worse, catch a computer cold (aka viruses or trojans).


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Version :, A03

Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10, 64-bit


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XPS One 2720 Realtek Audio Driver