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Dell XPS 2720 DW1703 WLAN Bluetooth Driver

USB DriverThis is a Windows 8 64bit driver for the Dell XPS 2720 DW1703 WLAN Bluetooth adapter. Much like other drivers you can attempt to run it in compatibility mode if you do not have a Windows 8 operating system. Search this website for more details.

Note that the Dell drivers extract themselves into a directory on your “C” driver. Search your “C” driver for a Dell directory. You will find all the extracted files from the driver there. Now simply click on the setup file and the drivers will in stall on your computer. If you have a Windows 10 operating system then you will need to ‘right-click’ on the setup file to get the ‘compatibility mode’ option.


Dell XPS 2720 DW1703 WLAN Bluetooth Driver 


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