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Inspiron 3043 : Realtek Card Reader RTS5227E

Computer DriverThe Inspiron uses a Realtek card reader RTS5227E, RTS5176E or RTS5170GRT. You will find these Realtek hardware in many computers. You can search this website for more computers from Dell which use these drivers. Note that this driver was released in Aug 2015 and has not been undated since then. Note that this is for a Windows 10 system being both 32bit as well as 64bit. You can download the file below and then open the zip file and click on the install file inside. This will extract the file to a Dell directory on your main drive. From there you can install the driver.

Inspiron 3043 : Realtek Card Reader RTS5227E

The driver below is no only for the Inspiron 3043 computer but also is the Realtek Card Reader RTS5227E, 5176E, 5170GRT Driver which is also supported on Vostro 5480, Inspiron 7447, Inspiron 7548, Inspiron 20 Model 3043 computers. The card reader driver for the Inspiron 3043 is the same for these as the hardware is the same.  Always scan you computer before and after with a good anti-virus scanner.

Installing the driver is simple and easy. The file will extract the files to the C:\ drive of your computer into a Dell directory. Simply enter the directly and then click on the install file. It takes about 2-3 minutes to complete the driver installation.

driver download

Inspiron 3043 : Realtek Card Reader Driver


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