AMD driver uninstaller

USB DriverAMD Partial installation of Drivers and the AMD driver uninstaller. If you have ever tried to install the AMD driver and you get a partial install then I will explain how to do this perfectly each time on Windows 10. There is also the problem with signed drivers when you have a modded bios but this is mainly for people who use their GPU’s for mining crypto currencies. When you install the driver software from AMD the driver will not recognise your modded hardware and you will get a triangle next to the device in the device manager. I will explain both below as each has a different method. (Modded to be done later)

AMD driver uninstaller

I have added the modded Bios workaround below which you can follow if you miner is not performing due to a modded GPU bios. This top explanation is for those who simply have a driver install problem with unmodded hardware. Download the driver from the AMD website onto your computer. Do not download the partial driver file but the full 400MB+ driver file. It does not make a difference which version of the driver you wish to install the method does it anyways. See how to use the AMD driver uninstaller below. See also the xmr stak invalid result as well.

What you need to download:

  1. The latest AMD driver or whichever version you want; here
  2. You will need to download DDU the Display Driver Uninstaller; here

I will now explain what needs to be done next. Once you have these two pieces of software you will need to reboot your computer and start the computer in Safe Mode as you will need to uninstall the drivers on your computer. It does not work properly in  normal mode as it only appears to do a better job first time around when in Safe Mode. Follow the instructions as follows:

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1. Start the Microsoft System Scan

You first want to check that your computer system does not have any corrupt files or that the system has errors. This is the first part of the system check before we reboot the computer. The scan takes about 10 minutes on an SSD as there are two scans which need to be done first and this gets done with the administrator privileges in the DOS mode

(a) Press Windows key + X on the keyboard (Opens Power User Menu);

(b) Click Windows Powershell (admin) on the menu;

(c) The admin screen will open;

amd driver removal

(b) Now type in the following and press enter –  DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

(d) Once that is done you will type the following in if there are no errors detected and press enter – SFC /SCANNOW

(e) If there are no errors then close the window and it is time to reboot the computer into Safe Mode.

2. Reboot into Safe Mode

(a) Press the Shift button and hold it in while you click on restart;

(b) When it starts shutting down it brings up a menu;

(c) Click the following sequence:

amd drivers uninstaller

3. Rebooting options

(a) When the systems reboots it will show you the new options screen;

(b) Click on the Number 4 being the Enable Safe Mode;


amd driver installer

(c) The computer will now start you in Safe Mode and you will need to do the following: (Important)

  • Disable your antivirus;
  • Disable Malwarebytes;
  • Disable your anti-trojan horse programs;

Disable all programs which may create problems when uninstalling the old drivers. You might not see these while it is done so it is best practice to ensure there is a clean uninstall as the problems will only show up later and you will need to start the process again from scratch.

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4. Driver uninstall process

Once your anti-virus and other scanners have been disabled you will now have to click on the Display Driver Installer and you will see the following screen:

AMD driver uninstaller

You will need to Click on “Clean and restart”. This process takes about 4 minutes and it will uninstall the driver. Some users in the past have removed both Nvidia and AMD one after the other as they had different graphic cards over the years. It is best to uninstall the driver currently in the computer and then restart the computer as normal and then install the driver file from AMD. Click on the driver file and the program will open to install the AMD Radeon driver.

AMD driver uninstaller

Click on the Express Install and you will then sit back for 5 minutes while it installs your Radeon graphics driver for you. It will install the AMD software and then the HDMI audio driver and then the video driver which takes the longest and your screen will flash 6-7 times before it is complete.  When it is complete it will show you that the driver has been installed and you can then click on Close or Restart. The software will then open your browser and take you to the AMD website. See also the CP2102 driver install as well as the Buffalo Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR USB adapter.

AMD Partial installation of Drivers

Click on Restart Now and your driver is now installed.


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